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anxROCKSTAR 18 dec 2018 om 11:14 
Greetings Lady.

My name is Leo, I was wondering if you still play "We Need to Go Deeper"?
Rabid Urko 8 nov 2018 om 15:50 
CN 5 nov 2018 om 22:12 
LOL the NTK Youtube channel is very active with new videos... ( ) I think it is just the case that the PS4 has swallowed up Lady Dawn and hasn't let go yet, is all. :p
Rabid Urko 5 nov 2018 om 13:27 
Lady Dawn not been online for 4 odd months , hope she ok.
Player Auction 23 apr 2018 om 16:47 
Sure thing. What's up?
BentoBox-lite 21 apr 2018 om 16:31 
hello! follow your curator group but can I add to ask a question please?