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Ohai there! I'm Jade, though I go by Dawn across my various channels and social media. I'm a long time gamer, a student , an avid lover of the written word, and a bit of a tech geek. I'm pretty friendly, so drop a message on my profile if you'd ever like to chat.

I play all sorts of games, though my favourite genres are rogue-like, strategy, and virtually anything with crafting. I'm a girl, yes--and a gay one at that. I'm engaged to the lovely Neenja Niko.

The fiancee and I post gameplay videos of indie games--from demos to alphas/betas to completed games--on YouTube. We have fun and expose a variety of titles and genres to the gaming community. We also host the occasional Twitch [] stream, if you're into that sort of thing. Finally, you can follow our Curator Page above where we'll post reviews and Early Access Reports.

We post a few times a week and the games featured in my "Game Collector" tab below are typically the ones for which we're working on gameplay.

Thanks for reading~
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[h1] This is an Early Access Report, meaning it only comments on the game in its current state, which may or may not change by the end of the Early Access period. As such, it will be revised later. [/h1]

Star Story: The Horizon Escape is a linear space adventure in which your choices actually matter. It features a unique art style, fast-paced turn-based combat, a crafting system where your available recipes are tied to your personality, and logic based puzzles that can be solved by choosing the necessary items based on their description. It’s a great casual exploration experience paired with not-so-casual strategic combat.

[h1] What it offers now[/h1]

In its current state, Star Story is mostly finished. It tells the story of a space archeologist who crash lands and loses his memory. His story becomes your own as you make decisions and tackle the game the way you want to. Will you fight every enemy that comes your way or will you be tactful? Will you try to befriend alien natives or will you trick them into servitude? You decide.

The music is nice to listen to and I absolutely love the art style, so the atmosphere is great. Particle effects and the like are fittingly futuristic and the U.I is nice and clean, showing you what you need to see at all times without blocking any of the on-screen action.

It will take you around 4 hours to complete the content that the game has to offer right now--and that's if you take your time. If you strictly played to beat the story line, avoiding oprional combat and not unlocking any of the craft trees, you could probably do it in an hour.

The game also includes:

Crafting , the recipes for which you can unlock via personality points that are awarded upon making tough decisions. In order to craft, you’ll need the correct materials and blueprints—both of which can be found during your exploration.

Combat is turn based, pitting you 1v1 against an opponent. Usually they’re grotesque alien shrimp, but you’ll run into humanoid enemies as well. In order to attack, you select from the weapons on your toolbar, many of which inflict status effects. Weapons have cooldowns and durability (which can be reset if you go back to your ship), so you’ll need to balance between bare-handed attacks and armed ones.

Exploration is carried out by interacting with nodes. You’ll find components valuable to crafting as well as enemy encounters and random events that can be resolved non-violently and result in rewards based on your response.

The story of a space adventure told through interactions with our hero and the people/holograms/aliens he meets. How you approach them will decide how the universe treats you.
I haven’t found any bugs as of yet; it’s been smooth sailing despite the initial spaceship crash.

[h1]What it Promises[/h1]

The game will be in Early Access for only a few months. During that time, it will have a complete story, more crafting recipes, new locations, more monsters, and bug fixes.

The price will raise after the game leaves Early Access, so get on this early if you want to save some cash!

[h1]What I’d Like to See Implemented[/h1]

[list][*] Hands-on moments. Even if these are just little mini games during the in-flight moments or added to crafting, it would be nice if the game was more hands-on. As it is now, merely clicking a button to do everything makes it feel like a choose-your-own-adventure that just so happens to be presented with pretty moving figures in a colourful setting. This is not a bad thing because the game is still immersive, but it’s something to think about.
[*]QTEs. This is piggybacking off of the point above. Since progressing in your journey is done by clicking arrows, this could be done easily. A timer would add a sense of urgency, during which you’d have to think on your toes and select the right option. I’ve run into something like this once already (and selected ALL the wrong options), but it can be improved upon.
[*] A way to go back to completed areas and find hidden secrets. This would just be fun. The areas are lovely and I’d like to spend more time in them. Maybe a tech upgrade later could make it so that you can scan for more nodes?
[*] More variety in random events. The majority of them are a toss up between combat or get a random item. Maybe add natives to teach us more about the Horizon?
[*] Bosses. Combat is challenging, sure, but nothing beats facing off against a big, hulking enemy that can squash you in an instant. The developer promised more enemies, so hopefully this is in the works.
[*] New game plus. Or some sort of incentive to play again. As the game stands right now, it's pretty linear even with the randomized events since those draw from such a small pool of possibilities. [/list]

And I’ll add more as I think of them.

.Bottom line.
I recommend this game. It’s charming, it’s a nice way to pass the time, and it has a lot to offer with its problem solving and personality development aspects. If the art style is what brought you here, don’t be fooled because this pretty package has some depth to it.

I’ll definitely be playing this one to completion—or as close to it as possible until it leaves Early Access.

As of completing what the game has to offer thus far, I still recommend it. The price tag is a bit high considering the game is mostly complete and what is currently available will take roughtly 4 hours even if you dally. Keep that in mind if you're going to purchase.

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