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Too many games, so little time.
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Since I look at my steam page every day, I thought I would just write down the list of games that I definitely need to work on. This is just for me and if you're reading this then you are extremely bored.


Nioh 2: I am enjoying this far more than the first game. I am nearly done with this game.

Switch: Do not have a ton of Switch Games but I have these two to work on. What are you doing?
This list will never end.

- Stay and Tokyo Mirage Sessions
- Paper Mario: Origami King


Black Desert Online: Awesome combat system. Don’t know how long it is but I think I am getting there?

Call of Cthulhu: The setting is interesting but the beginning is a slow burn. I will continue to work on this

Perception: I like the concept of a horror game in the perspective of a blind person. I want to get around to this. Keep this installed, idiot!

Prey: Another long game but I liked what I played so far. This will be on the list.

There’s a few more games that I included on my list. YOU BETTER GET AROUND TO THIS.
FFVII (OG), Pamali, and Star Wars: Jedi Knight II

OK, we’ll work on this. I have a feeling it’s not getting done.

Finished so far in the year 2020:

1. Final Fantasy 7r= Didn’t play the original so I enjoyed it. The end was confusing though.

2. Bloodborne (Again) Platinum this game, ♥♥♥♥♥es!

3. Dark Souls III (Again, because I will never tire of this game)

4. Dark Souls II= not my favorite out of all the Souls games but it’s still worth playing with friends

5. MHW: Iceborne= DLC expansion was amazing.

6. Animal Crossing: New Horizon (Switch)= I saw the credits so I consider this done. It was a good time waster but it gets boring over time. You can’t even do anything when your friends visit your island.

7 Eliza: oh this is a brilliant indie game that discuss the possibility of AI system to be used in a counseling setting. I think it sets up a lot of implications within the counseling field but I am not totally against it. Really awesome visual novel game.

8. Path of Exile: My friend and I got fed up with this game. Low loot drops and the game doesn't reward you enough, even after boss battles. Nothing to return to without satisfying loot drops. Not like the story is all that interesting either. Gameplay is fun though and character progression is great. Shame it wasn't something that could make me keep playing.

9. Titan Quest- A friend introduced this game to me. It is pretty tough but I enjoyed it up until Act 5. That's when it fell apart for me. Still, it was amazing while it lasted! (phrasing)

10. Those Who Remains- an indie horror game with dull gameplay and a disconnected storyline. eff you game...

11. Green Hell- story mode done

12. Demon's Souls- revisted this for the upcoming remaster XD

13. Ghost of Tsushima- GOTY!!! I have so much feelings about this game. This was an amazing Samurai epic!
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Kaedwenii Jul 20 @ 6:28pm 
So I finally finished my Black Eagles playthrough - Crimson Flower, of course! and it was so incredible, I enjoyed it so so much! I definitely do want to do the other routes just to see them, but that route will always be canon to my heart. So glad I got to see things through to the end while supporting our dear Edelgard the whole way there~ :em_heart:
Volshebnik Jun 20 @ 4:31pm 
Hi. Here's your poem, Bianca.

Soul-starved this queen sought in a forbidden dream
(Where the accursed ripple endlessly, hope-reft)
The vast or illusive secret entelechy.
Amid fog-eaten daedals and pale, amid
Withered realms, blossoms a conflux of the lorn
Gods whose gift seeps beastly into every heart:
This impossible death. Blood-fed calyces
Allure the queen’s hollow vestige.

When flames vanish the moon sorrows, and are they
Merely fireflies that sloom within elder husks,
Or kingdoms quelled. She finds hidden springs that feed
The lotus tears, whose unremembered lament,
Burning the welkin with the sad cicada’s cry,
Dwells in deathless things that can no longer dream.
Past gloam’s rain, a dragon rooted where suns crumble:
Wayward: Her communion.
Kaedwenii Jun 18 @ 2:44pm 
Thank you for accepting my request! I really appreciate your Edelgard avatar - I'm playing through Three Houses with the Black Eagles at the moment, and I'm loving it (and her) so so much! I hope the rest of the week is kind to you and that you have a good weekend~ :em_heart:
Xenon May 4 @ 11:54pm 
Joseahfer Dec 31, 2019 @ 11:52am 
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TheChronicStorm Dec 30, 2019 @ 9:55pm 
Happy New Year! :steamwings: