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If any game deserves a middle thumb, it's this one.

On one hand, the gameplay is positively amazing! Each character feels wildly different from the other; combos are easy, fluid, and flashy; based purely on gameplay, it's my favorite fighter in quite a long while. The Infinity Stone system adds incredible depth to choosing your fighter, with each one granting a single, incredibly powerful ability that can be used at any time, without limits. There's a tracking projectile, an instant dash that can be used for cross-ups, an instant wall bounce, among others. Each stone also has a unique Comeback Mechanic, called an Infinity Storm. These also vary greatly, from constantly refilling your hyper meter, to letting you use both team members at once, and my personal favorite, removing endlag on your attacks. They make for a much more hype and exciting comeback than the X-Factor system from MVC3, which simply boosted damage and speed.

The new tag system is also positively brilliant. You can now switch between your characters at any time, including in the middle of a combo. This makes it feel even more like your team matters than the previous games. Where in MVC3 you only called your teammate in for assists, in MVCI you can switch back and forth between your two fighters fluidly, multiple times per combo. It feels awesome to pull off! I can't stress enough how positive of a change this is over the previous tag system.

Outside of gameplay, though, the game is a bit of a mess. In a single word, the game is ugly. Characters look bland and uninspired, and backgrounds lack any sort of interesting events, even compared to the previous game in the franchise. None of them stick out to me as being more interesting than the others, aside from the Xgard Bridge.

One of the biggest draws, for me at least, was that the game had a cinematic story mode. I was so excited when I found out about this! Seeing Capcom and Marvel characters teaming up to take down a multiversal crisis sounded like it could make for an epic comic story. Unfortunately, the story is probably my biggest dissappointment with the game. Instead of showing how the worlds react to coming together, how the worlds merge in the first place, showing a team coming together to defeat Ultron Sigma... The game simply starts no less than three months AFTER all of this had happened, the team fully formed, with nary an explanation on how this new world worked. For example, they mention A.I.MBrella in the story mode at one point. Only by looking for answers in the game's EXTRAS page did I find an explanation that A.I.M and Umbrella Corp had merged together sometime before the events of the game.

The game is also rife with some of the worst voice acting I've heard in a game, period. That's a given for MVC, in fact it's practically part of the charm for me. (TIME TO GO TO TOWN! DIE, DIE, DIE! GOODBYE!) but hearing it in the story mode was just disappointing. Even characters who were reprised by their standard voice actors, like Ryu, Frank West, Captain America, or Chris, sound worse than usual.

Finally, the most glaring issue in the game is the roster. Frankly, it's terrible. Capcom and Marvel decided to remove fan favorites like Wesker, Dr Doom, Phoenix Wright, and Vergil, but kept characters nobody cared about, like Spencer, Nemesis, or Nova. The Marvel side has the most glaring issue in this glaring issue; There are no Xmen or Fantastic Four characters, costing us characters who are practically the core of the MVC series. Characters like Wolverine, Dr Doom, Magneto, and Storm have been sacraficed to give us a half of the roster comprised exclusively of characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Alltogether, this is a wonderful, truly fantastic game to play, but it's brought down by the legacy of it's predecessors, reminding us how much better it COULD have been. If you're a die-hard fighting game fanatic, or just a big fan of teh MVC franchise, I'd reccomend picking the game up, as playing online can provide hours upon hours of fun. For anyone less serious, casual players or first-time fighters, I'd reccomend picking up Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 instead, with it's larger roster comprised of fan favorites, and it's better overall presentation.

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