Benny   Sacramento, California, United States
usually playing on community servers.
sometimes pubstomping w/ friends.

otherwise, i'll either be messing around on soundcloud, spotify, and/or discord. :steambored:

now i am the richest person in the wonderland community :steamhappy:

*25 keys reserved for holly*
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PineapplePizza Sep 23 @ 8:58pm 
LUV Sep 23 @ 4:56pm 
pizza time =D
PineapplePizza Sep 23 @ 4:50pm 
Pizza time
HMMMMM Sep 23 @ 5:52am 
u dont have pfp ;-;

HMMMMM Sep 23 @ 5:51am 
shut.....the ♥♥♥♥..up:steamsad:
LUV Sep 5 @ 1:04pm 
my next pfp is better :^)