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i m hungry donate me food pls
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Shira May 22 @ 11:12am 
this guy is sus watchout (っゝωò)っ
Skadi May 12 @ 10:10am 
anak hitam
[∆Ki™] May 11 @ 5:07pm 
We've been trying to reach you concerning your vehicle's extended warranty. You should've received a notice in the mail about your car's extended warranty eligibility. Since we've not gotten a response, we're giving you a final courtesy call before we close out your file. Press 2 to be removed and placed on our do-not-call list. To speak to someone about possibly extending or reinstating your vehicle's warranty, press 1 to speak with a warranty specialist

Cat Fin May 10 @ 5:58am 
Eighteen naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch
Montosher May 9 @ 2:01am 
luv u
Shira May 7 @ 5:55am 
(っゝωò)っ <3