Hi ! If you wanna trade me or comment my profile !
I have a gameflip store (mainly Rocket League) if you are interested ask me! :rloctane:
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:Farnham: Casual Rocket League player / CS:GO Player
:Farnham: RL trader and seller. / CS:GO Trader
:Farnham: To trade cards or other items click here

:Astronaut_CL: Don't add me to try any scam. I know every single one.
:Astronaut_CL: If you are going to add, state the reason on my profile

:sstgun1: I no longer trade on CS:GO. Cashed out all my items.

Rocket League
:TTTSword: I mainly trade on and you can find my RL inventory here []
:TTTSword: If you saw my offer on RLTracker and you are interested add me.
:TTTSword: If i am offline please leave a comment and try to remember on what are you interested.
:TTTSword: I know the prices of the items so don't try to fool me.
:TTTSword: If you want to buy items for cash I have a Gameflip store. I do not do these unsafe trades where I have to go first.

Rocket League Ranks
:rloctane: 1v1 Platinum II
:rloctane: 2v2 Platinum I
:rloctane: 3v3 Platinum I
:rloctane: 3v3 solo Gold II

:Inkmag:CS:GO -> 750€
:Inkmag:Rocket League -> 100€

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I am trading 1:1 emoticons or backgrounds that I have duplicated.

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ori_cohen24 Sep 28 @ 9:37am 
i add you accept pls
★1AA S!R4 Jun 13 @ 6:43am 
i add you accept pls
Bathman&HisRubberDucky Jun 12 @ 12:06am 
rocket league trade crates for cool items? pls and ty
• R Jun 11 @ 12:42pm 
Trade for cash, amazing service, he responds and in about 1 minute you have your trade done and well. 100 % recommended
Useless¡SliXnG| Jun 10 @ 11:41am 
+rep legit, money trade
Micro Ice Jun 10 @ 11:37am 
+rep good trader, it was a pleasure to trade with you! :rloctane::rlgizmo::rlxdevil: