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Chaos May 21 @ 7:57am 
2. I am EVERYTHING they want. I am tall. I am funny. I dress well. I speak fluently. I'm smart. I'm a pro in relationships. I'm emotionally reliable and offer good advice and insight. I listen. I fuck good (I'll admit that I sometimes suffer from that dreaded condition known as shooting loads too early..... I'm only human. but I'm working on it, and I'm striving for perfection....)
Chaos May 21 @ 7:57am 
I almost don't want to do this to you cause it'll fuck you up so bad.....
but I have literally, LITERALLY, gotten every single girl I have ever set my sights on since the age of 15. no joke. I have never experienced unrequited love by this point in my life.
how did I do it? I'll give you a little taste. lick the spoon and close your eyes:
1. I am SELECTIVE. I have only ever really pursued seven girls, and one boy. eight people in total. no more, no less...... I'm a picky guy... many girls have lusted over me, many guys too, some of them even of notably high social and sexual status, but I pay them no mind..... I'm in it for the INTERESTING ones, those girls who give ME something in return. only those fit for a king have tasted this big, meaty, uncut, well-cleaned, norwegian/finnish-by-heritage cock. jot that down.....
Daneii May 3 @ 9:44am 
did you rem'ove m'e from your friendlist btw?
Daneii May 3 @ 9:39am 
have a nice day bushm'ann
Daneii May 3 @ 6:21am 
your m'um
Tom Apr 5 @ 5:16am 
man of culture for you badger means weebs