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About meh:

Eyyyy! my name is | ℒɛ - ℋ'ɛrø | - ℋero | ℒoℒℋero835 | and I main the class 𝒮𝓟Y from a game called Team Fortress 2 and.........that's all y'all
Thank u! XD - Takagi-san ...... JK ! - btw nxt OVA will be on 7/12/18 #ILoveForeheadChan 💞

Born in the Philippines but raised in Middle East (Abu Dhabi, U.A.E)
still I'm a filipino influence - kaya Pak u..... dejk hehehe..!
And nope. I don't speak/understand arabic

March 8 - Try to guess :steammocking:

No, I Don't make SFM Posters, ok!

Ohhh!.... and also my ping is always f-king high!

I always get rekt cause of this..... high ping ^ and low fps v

My FpS is really low!

Not a Weeaboo!!!..... maybe a little? cause I watch Anime hehe! ehem.... not a Kawaii Desu fucker Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! :spycon:

| Her0 | Artist | Detectįve | SpY | Weeaboo | Pootis/Senpai |


Social Media: :csgoglobe:

Follow me at Vine ! [vine.co] which I recommend not to. :steamsad:

Twitch [www.twitch.tv]

Discord - " https://discord.gg/sEDjMTs " Copy

YouTube Chanel :spycon:

JK This one is the Real YouTube Chanel :D - No Videos though


Male Obviously :steamfacepalm:

Class Main:

Other Classes I Play in TF2:
All :csgoglobe:

Favorite Trickstab:
Blind Stab❤:spycon:

Favorite TF2 Map:
:sticky:❤PLR_HIGHTOWER❤:sticky: > the only map I'm good at <

dm_duel - (though it's only a custom map> lst played year 2013)

All Competitive Maps

:sentry: Average player "NOT A PRO" so pls go easy on me :sentry:

More Random stuffs
- I barely play pubs this dayz. I spent my TF2 hrs in casual modes, since I don’t get to experience high pings and other random shits.

- I hate the festive butterfly knife 🤮
and for the botkiller one idk, I mean how would a person fold a fucking butterfly knife if it has strings , sh@&s and, other random stuffs on it. I do own a Festive Australium Knife hehe! Idk its just an opinion.

- I used to watch Doslle's trickstab montage. :spycon:

- I realized that “Taunt after Kill” is a Crime!!!

- If I’m Board, then I play Fortnite or listen to my fav. band 5soS w/ their new album "YOUNGBLooD" :steambored:

- I’m that type of TF2 player who keeps going deep on Control Points or other game modes except payload types 😑 - The B4nny way

- Quote "No one's perfect, anyone can get trickstabbed" -Swipez

- Mah Fav. Anime before was Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

fuck my grammar :csgox: 😑

ToonHUD [toonhud.com]:csgocross:

Woolen's HuD [gamebanana.com] - Change the info.vdf ui to "3" in able for it to work.

TF2 First Person Animation Overhaul MoD :csgocross: - But doesn't work in casual :(

Consistent Kill Icon MoD [gamebanana.com]

Crypt CFG

Chris CFG [chrisdown.name] - Recommended

Comanglia CFG [www.teamfortress.tv] Recommended as well

Rhapsody CFG [rhapsodysl.github.io]

Stabby Stabby’s Spy CFG Scripts :spycon:

{LINK REMOVED} - video :spycon:

The Apple Jhon Spy CFG Scripts [pastebin.com] :spycon:

3BooDY CFG :csgocross:

Snow CFG [cdn.discordapp.com] :csgocross:

Aar CFG [aar.x10.mx]

My TF2 Settings:

Link 1 video
Link 2 video
Link 3 video - In this video it’ll be ur decision/choice.
Link 4 video

Resolution Setting: 1920 x 1080

Here you’ll find the settings I use

Launch Options:
("-console -threads 2 -novid +map_background preload_room -windowed -noborder 144 -w 1920 -h 1080 -noforcemparms -noforcemspd -high -noforcemaccel -softparticlesdefaultoff -noff -nosteamcontroller -nojoy")

Friend Request:
Feel free to add me.:steamhappy:

Unless I want to. :steammocking:

Other Hobbies:
(🖌 ARTS 🖌 ❤ 🎸 Guitar 🎸 ❤ 🏀 B - BALL 🏀)

- any Unusual Weapons/Hat :csgohelmet:
- Black Rose 🌹 🔪(I accidentally deleted mine so...yah 🙁)

Other Accounts:
My Old Account - click here! :csgoglobe:

Team Fortress TV Account
click here! [www.teamfortress.tv]

The Guy who made my Profile Pic.
Click Here!

Competitive History:
Coming Soon!

Profile Sign:
Dr. Love Cat - Youtuber/Sniper Main
(Comment) - Woof ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(Date) - 24 Dec, 2017 @ 3:08am
(Feedback) - I didn’t ask him to sign my Profile hehe... I was Surprise. Its like a Christmas present from Dr. Meme Cat himself XD

Hmaji Neo - Youtuber/Spy Main
(Comment) - S I G N E D
(Date) - 18 Feb @ 6:35am
(Feedback) - I ask him to sign my Profile hehe... and he did.

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