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Posted: Jun 27 @ 10:49pm

Early Access Review
Let's be honest: If you're here, reading reviews, you've played other games where you're horny on main. You wanna know if this is worth the money, especially since it's in the dreaded "Early Access" stage like so many could-have-beens before it.

Well I offer the reassurance you seek. This game is worth it. It's actually fun. It's been getting frequent updates, just look in the "Recent Events and Announcements" section.

So what's the game like, at it's base? Take Dark Souls combat, add Path of Exile Inventory, and RPG Level mechanics. Get EXP from combat, assign attribute points, pick what talents and skills you and your companions learn.

- Good Combat. It may not be as fluid as Dark Souls right now, but they've already said they're working on improving it.
- Amazing Graphics. High quality textures, highly detailed models.
- Lots of different outfits
- Nice in-depth character creation
- Great weapons selection. You want daggers? Swords? Maces, clubs, or staves? Axes? Bows? Fists? Pick whatever!
- "Enjoyable" death system. I mean, you don't lose all currency like in Dark Souls, but you do lose enough to make death actually punishing. If you want you can take it a step further and choose to lose everything on death, including inventory. That's an actual option.

- Limited hair colors. Well, limited all colors. There's no color slider, just some 4-12 tiles of preset colors. That kinda caught me off guard, tbh, especially compared to the rest of the customizer.
- Limited magic system. I mean it's still Early but maybe hold off on the mage builds for now. Fireball's fun though.

Overall, yeah, as you can see by the big blue thumb, I recommend it. Very nice game that already fun to play and is constantly getting better.
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V.V. Jul 22 @ 11:33am 
"You want daggers? Swords? Maces, clubs, or staves? Axes? Bows? Fists? Pick whatever!"

Ok, but what about whips?
"Limited magic system. I mean it's still Early but maybe hold off on the mage builds for now. Fireball's fun though."

If D&D has taught me anything, it's that fireball is the only spell you should be casting.
Adûnâi Jul 20 @ 4:01am 
I heard of this game in the femdom thread on f95zone. But I came here because it's in my recommended. ¿GabeN?
Noi (能井) Jul 20 @ 1:05am 
"you've played other games where you're horny on main."

you're right but you didnt have too call me out like that man :steamsad:
Jin Jul 19 @ 9:22am 
Hey, look body, I'm a game reviewer, It means that I buy games and do analysis that will help others make their decision, and the publisher's hope? Not having a thumb-down review. Bang!
ash3100 Jul 17 @ 6:13am 
thanks 4 the help i will buy immediately
N A N N O Jul 16 @ 7:39pm 
@HoneyBadger - I subscribed to this thread of comment since I respect the original poster. I play the game because of that dirty aspect and ngl it's the best thing on the game. The details of characters, their cloth, bra, lingerie, etc made me want to collect them all NOT because I am a psycho but because I am an artist and those pose features simply help me trace beautiful creatures for digital painting.

A 'cheat' to have a model to pose is always the best thing for me rather than the need to sculpt, model, pose them from scratch using other software such as Blender, 3Ds Max, Maya ZBrush, etc.
HoneyBadger Jul 16 @ 1:28pm 
honestly, i was here just because it amazed me a game that made me feel dirty watching it on the most sold list had so many reviews.
No interest to buy orplay, but i just had to know wtf X)
...Dark Souls with PoE loot is all I've ever wanted, why did it have to come in the form of a psuedo-porn game
N A N N O Jul 15 @ 12:18am 
Cpt.goop you must be poor lad, who asked to buy premium games from divorced parents. Lol. This game is marvelous for married person like me, no one getting insecure; sex and relationship still smooth. Btw I own companies and branding consultant too, so you're talking to the mirror as for the term loser? :steamhappy: