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Three stalkers walk into a bar
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"Once upon a time, there was a little girl. Who had not seen her mother in 7 years. Her mother had dressed her in armor and told her: 'When this armor has been well worn, come see me'. So the girl rubbed the armor against the walls to wear it down. And when she finally succeeded... She took some milk, bread, cheese and butter and went off to visit her mother. In the woods, she met a wolf. The wolf asked her what she was carrying. 'Milk, bread, cheese and butter', she replied. So the wolf asked for some food, but the girl refused, because it was a present for her mother. The wolf asked the girl if she was taking the Path of Pins or the Path of Needles. 'The Path of Pins.' she replied. So the wolf ran along the Path of Needles and devoured the girl's mother. Finally, the girl arrived at her mother's house. 'Mother. Open the door!' 'Come right in. The door is unlocked' replied the wolf." "

"And what of the girl who had chosen the Path of Pins? [This may just be Fuse asking an aptly-phrased question] 'Come in, it's open' said the wolf. But the door remained closed, so she crept through a hole in the wall. 'Mother, I'm hungry.' 'There's meat in the cupboard.' It was the flesh of her mother, who had been slain by the wolf. A cat sitting on the cupboard said to her: 'You're eating your mother's flesh.' 'Mother, there's a cat on the cupboard who says that I've eaten your flesh.' 'It's lying, of course. Throw your shoe at it.' After finishing the meat, the girl was thirsty. 'Mother, I'm thirsty.' 'Drink the wine in the pitcher.' And so she drank. Then a bird perched on the chimney said to her: 'You're drinking your mother's blood. It's your mother's blood.' 'Mother, a bird on the chimney told me that I was drinking my mother's blood.' 'Throw your hood at it.' After having eaten the flesh and drunk the blood, the girl turned to her mother and said: 'Mother, I'm so very tired.' 'Come, lie down next to me."

"The girl got undressed and approached the bed, where her mother lay in a strange position, her face covered by a hood. Mother! My, what big ears you have. Mother! My what big eyes you have. Mother! My, what big claws you have. Mother! My, what big teeth you have. And so, the wolf devoured the Little Red Riding Hood."

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