Rasmus "KzL" Nielsen   Norway
Good enough when my internet actually works...
:csgohelmet:Member Since 2009 from my first account
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Im also known under the name "Grønne#^^" from CSS
Maybe someone known me as "Kain Johnson" from Gmod on Stavox where i was Co Owner in the old days ;)
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Hey Boys And Girls
:happy_creep:About Me:happy_creep:

:2016watermelon: Nick: KzL#^^
:2016watermelon: City: Born in Trondheim (Norway) : Live in Vejle (Denmark)
:2016watermelon: Age: 21 years old
:2016watermelon: Sex: Male

Feel free to add me, but first please comment below why i should accept you :)


Im a trusted trader, so all of you guys can trust me, if you want to trade.
Dont even try to scam me, thats waste of time ;)


::deadhuman:What games do i play most?:deadhuman::

:2016watermelon: FiveM
:2016watermelon: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

:revolver:Knife History:revolver:

:2016watermelon: Gut Knife | Case Hardened (Battle-Scared)
:2016watermelon: Bayonet | Urban Masked (Well-Worn)
:2016watermelon: Butterfly Knife | Boreal Forest (Battle-Scared)
:2016watermelon: Huntsman Knife | Night (Field-Tested)
:2016watermelon: Flip Knife | Damascus Steel (Minimal Wear)
:2016watermelon: Bayonet | Blue Steel (Well-Worn)
:2016watermelon: Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened (Battle-Scared)
:2016watermelon: Flip Knife | Case Hardened (Well-Worn)
:2016watermelon: Butterfly Knife | Stained (Field-Tested)
:2016watermelon: Flip Knife | Doppler (Factory New)
:2016watermelon: Karambit | Blue Steel (Minimal Wear)
:2016watermelon: Flip Knife | Night (Well-Worn)
:2016watermelon: Bowie Knife | Fade (Factory New)
:2016watermelon: Butterfly Knife | Tiger Tooth (Factory New)

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Lækkert spil, dog mongol russere! ;D
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