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Kim   Philippines
The Average sleepy player.
My name pronunciation is Kee-yo (you can call me Ki-yo too)
I change my name for event or fun purposes, you may add my nickname in case you forget who I am.

Welcome to my Profile!

Just a Filipino who is dumb and likes to have fun.

If you're here to send a Friend request, please comment below why, I may or may not accept it.
If I know you well, then there's a big chance that I will accept friend request (you still have to comment why)

Any Items in my inventory are not for sale unless I place specific ones here.
Do not add me for trading.

If you're here to report something, you may contact me through Discord Kyo#9895

Things about me

• I am a Graphic Designer who makes Vector and others for fun.
• Just a person who helps people when they have problems with stuff.
• They call me "Cringe person"
• I listen to Old and Japanese music.
• Formerly known as AndrewGFX (2017-2019)
• Energetic person.
• Former staff member in and (or
• Currently staff member in District: Zen and
• I lead in Zombie escape often (when I feel like it)

- Reach Level 100.

That's probably much it, I have no other ideas what to add here.

Gold Quotes

"but you see, dear warden, my feet were not touching the cell's floor because of my special taunt (in-game gesture) that in this case makes my feet elevate a few centimeters from the ground.
Infact I would dare to say that my fellow cellmates, who are currently on top of their beds, are "touching the floor" much more than I am, this is because the bed they're on is in direct contact with the ground below, meaning that they're actually "indirectly touching the ground", on the other hand I am completely elevated from said ground as you can see from my in-game player model. You may now proceed to murder my cellmates, do thank me later." ~ Someone

Artwork Showcase
Jujutsu Kaisen Vector (Nobara Kugisaki)
nai Jan 17 @ 11:29am 
Kamiko ♡彡☆ Jan 4 @ 2:16pm 
diviously ❣ Jan 1 @ 7:03pm 
happy newspaper
Marudo Jan 1 @ 10:05am 
Épico as well, have a good new year!:steamthumbsup:
Kyo | Dec 31, 2021 @ 11:27pm 
me drunk (fake)
Astolfo Alter Dec 31, 2021 @ 4:47pm 
happy new year :balloon: