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Steam Is amazing! I just wish they would add more oldschool FPS games. I'm a sucker for oldschool FPS, anything before 2004 .
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Akoinee Jul 9 @ 11:38am 
An another Quaker :qlexcellent:
SpitFireCZ Apr 30 @ 1:36pm 
Hey bro add me i have few questions about quake 2 multiplayer.
Serenade in Lead Mar 25 @ 4:56pm 
Hey man, it's from the intro in System Shock
SHARKE BYTE Mar 14 @ 1:24am 
Just saw your comment, yep! Ah haha, way to much time in Skyrim lol

Kvaki Feb 5 @ 1:34pm 
ok sure. ask away. but just type a chat message . ill get to it sometime . i leave steam on but i might be away
DEFENSE_zOmG?!" Feb 4 @ 1:51am 
Consider accepting my friend request, I have some inquires about Quake 2. :)