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kieran walsh   New South Wales, Australia
i need to actually do well at uni. so don't expect me to always be available to play games now..
if you see me online or in a tf2 server, feel free to say hi!

i mod a cool discord known as Lounge:Zero, a heap of cool people like me (this sounds so egotistical) are in there, so feel free to drop by [] or join the steam group

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Luck based systems suck.
I have the worst rng at literally everything.
For example, in tf2:
:yikes: I've spent around $800 on unboxings but have never gotten anything worth more than 10 keys (at that time, they are both less than 5 keys now) back.
:yikes: I've been playing MvM with friends and literally every single one of them has received an australium, but me
:yikes: I hardly ever get random crits, but everyone fighting me always happens to have them at the worst moment.
:yikes: Thanks to random bullet spread, i often get the usually rare 0 damage meatshots with the scattergun and shotgun.

Why does the game i love so much hate me?

please don't get me started on pokemon..

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the most annoying pyro main ever uses the panic attack and spams mouse 2 get a life
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:/ whay am i still blocked
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Sorry for being an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ :c
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nice song