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Discord: [discord.gg] ! Selmano ¡#6282
LOL: [euw.op.gg] 1selmano
Social Club: [socialclub.rockstargames.com] SelmanoOo

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Fav.songs [open.spotify.com]
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Aʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴍᴇ
✔️ Basic stuff:

IQ: well i am smarter than a dog :winter2019happydog:, i think so...
Name: ERROR 404
Nickname: Too many so call me what you want..
Age: Hmmm i think im 1+4 not sure, yea im 2
Location: Hmmmm, you know the mixer land of Balkan
Status: Not a terrorist! :GachiFlex:
Language: Burek, English and Slovenian
🎮 Fav. Games: hmm, every game i have over 50h

*Weapons: my school backpack :GachiVan:🎒

💻 Computer specs:

CPU: AMD sticker
GPU: Nevidim GTX 760ti Burek edition
Ram: Chrome ready
System: Windows from Motherland made by professionals

⚒ Equipment:

Qeyboard: Still intact
Mouse: its still alive
Headset: Steal rods with cups on them
Tabel: Tank
Chair: Pine log
Network: whats that :winter2019neutralyul:

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Garry's Mod
_L@nck_ 16 hours ago 
selmano is my biach
Bukex 16 hours ago 
selman with his 2 inch punisher mannnnnnn
Bukex 16 hours ago 
a maš rakca al pitona
_L@nck_ 16 hours ago 
Bukex 16 hours ago 
kje si lubica <3
!Selmano Jan 10 @ 9:43am 
posvojen si