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Created by - Toeofsatan
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Step 1: Spawn naked.
Step 2: Get a bow.
Step 3: Kill a gear guy that have ak
Step 4: Die from bleeding
Step 5: Quit rust.
Step 6: Throw the PC out from the window.
Step 7: Buy a new PC and repeat Step 1-6
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yony101 Jun 19 @ 9:06pm 
Quick Question: How do you make your Rust graphics so low? I don't know how to turn off shadows etc.
dev1l¿ Jun 19 @ 1:07pm 
/bhop. smayer Apr 4 @ 11:59am 
taba3 fi La casa de papel 7ata enti ticklish aya good to know
a.irbot Nov 3, 2017 @ 6:37am 
dsn #NEWSCRIPTS Sep 24, 2017 @ 12:25pm 
Hahahaha 🖕🖕