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Do an abortion
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 6:16pm


Stamp on the baby
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 6:36pm


Hit an enemy with a cocoon
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 6:47pm

In the soup

Drop your opponent into the lava
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 6:25pm

Premenstrual syndrome

Use Fury
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 6:31pm


Burn 8 Tentacles
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 6:22pm

Much Ado About Nothing

Waste Fury without killing anyone
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 6:31pm

Home sweet home

Take advantage of the cave's comforts
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 6:40pm

A bolt from the blue

Kick Martyr and kill him in flight
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 6:10pm

Sweet photo

Selfie with Baphomet

Number of the Beast

Kill 666 Warriors
0 / 666

Alfa and Omega

Finish the game

Family album

Unlock the entire Bestiary

I didn't like her ...

Kill the Harpy

She started it

Kill Agretha

This is your damn tongue

Kill Baphomet

This is Sparta!

Kill 20 enemies in Slow Motion

Bare hands

Kill 20 enemies without using any weapons or powers

In a hurry

Travel 3 km by using a dash

Huge mount

Take a ride on a Collector

Roll for three points

Roll the Ball to the basket

The score

Play Ranked Mode


Complete all quests


Spend 12 minutes in the Cave


Make a purchase

Flies Catcher

Load Cherubin on the spikes

Top Model

Take 100 selfies

Need a hand

Kill Kali

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