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Abnormal Android

Encounter Nova
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 4:52pm

Body Check

Equipped Prototype Head
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 4:54pm


Encounter Emmie
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 5:02pm

Sex? Love?

Encounter Joy
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 5:02pm

Virtual Divinity

Encounter Alisa
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 5:03pm

A Rival Appeared?

Encounter Sophie
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 5:17pm

Cooking Dual

Win the cooking competition
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 5:17pm

Well done Agent Smith

Rescue mission successful
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 5:35pm

The Warmth of a Hug

Complete Emmie's side quest
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 6:37pm

Breaking Free

Complete Twins' side quest
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 5:48pm

Help the Sister

Complete Alisa's side quest
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 6:06pm

Nova the Android

Complete the Destiny route
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 7:15pm

Queen of the Arena

Complete the Champion Route
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 6:58pm

After Story

Unlock Epilogue
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 7:16pm

Virgin no more

Win the Android Sport Festival

A Promising Future

Complete the Liberation Route

Panty Experiment

Complete Emmie's epilogue

Sexy Drive

Complete Alisa's epilogue

Operate the emperor

Complete Twins' epilogue

Keep on practicing

Defeat Sophie in the epilogue


Complete Epilogue