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Craft an item
Unlocked Oct 1 @ 6:25pm


Give Meteor Dust to someone

I care about you!

Get 5 hearts of relationship with an NPC

Your new friend!

Rescue one of the missing dogs


Obtain a second Permanent Syringe


Defeat 5 enemies by throwing them down holes

Savior of the Automatons

Complete the game.

Can you pet the dog?

Pet a puppy 5 times

I love you!

Get 5 hearts of relationship with a dog

Perfect Catch!

Get 20 perfect catches with the magnetic rod


Dig up 20 buried items with the shovel

Treasure Hunter

Find all the Treasures from the Treasure Album

Robot Apocalypse

Complete the game on the Robot Apocalypse Difficulty, on New Game, or New Game Extra


Complete the game with 3 chip slots, no weapon upgrade, and max. of 1 Permanent Syringe. (buying weapons is ok!)


Complete the game in under 1 hour


Complete the map 100%


Get all the Item Chests

Parry Master

Perfect guard 30 enemy attacks without getting hit

Dungeon Master

Complete the Dungeon Raid with 0 deaths

Dungeon Runner

Complete the Dungeon Raid in less than 20 minutes

You're the Boss

Complete the Boss Rush with 0 deaths

Boss Runner

Complete the Boss Rush in less than 10 minutes

Parry Goddess

Get 100 perfect parries in the parry challenge

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