Olivia54679 вυηηу
Olivia   Ontario, Canada
Princess of THAB, Goddess of Prop Hunt, Lady of the High Council, Mother of Padawans, and Queen of Ragcom.
Known as: Olivia, Bunny, Princess, Bitch, Mom, Ewhore, Sis, Badmin, Whore, Brat, Olive, White, Kitchen, and Nala.

Birthday: 11/14/2000

Discord:Olivia54679 вυηηу#0008
Battle.net:Olivia54679#1786 (EU)
I only play WoW on battle.net

So calm I’m stressed

I'm not anything special, I'm just a girl playing video games, being an ass to everyone she meets and somehow making friends in the process.

Gender: White Chocolate

~Some friends~
🇳🇪Krimson: I stole his binds, he stole my heart. I would play this game with you forever my prince. Also is my watermelon Panda. (He’s a nigger.)
🇺🇸Luna: A furry, a Slav, a brother, a best friend. This is who you are to me dog fucker. P.S send me more LoFi art, I’m love you.
🇺🇸Poopoowater/Kaboom: We randomly started talking again after like 3 years and it’s made my life go epic gamer style.
🇸🇪Dvalin: You’ve done nothing but be an amazing friend to me. I can’t thank you enough for all the effort you’ve put in to help me! You’re an amazing guy, plus Nickleby&Pip can be best friends!
🇨🇦Gizmo: You're such a pure little angel until you're drunk and I appreciate you.
🇨🇦noXside: Don't ask him for Vengtiblez or Lunchtablez, he ain't got none.
🇺🇸ZM: One day we watched Lorax videos and couldn't stop laughing for an hour straight.
🇺🇸Neverend: My mom, my wife, and my ex-wife.
🇺🇸Mabataki/Umbra: First THAB friend.
🇬🇧Infinite Light: I won’t break our promise love. 💙
•••Still my friends but also my children•••
🇨🇳Hidden: {Padawan1} My first son, he is a ChinkyWinky.
🇬🇧Grim Raper: {Padawan2} My second son, he is Irish and a child molester.
🇺🇸Boop Intensifies: {Padawan3} My third son, he is my only child who is younger than me. (I believe he died in a chemical fire last year though, rip child)
🇺🇸Sprungle: {Padawan4} I finally had a daughter and she’s just as much of a cock gobbler as I am.
🇺🇸Switch Bird: {Padawan5} After all this time you finally got what you deserve, I’m proud of you my son.

Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Anime Opening: Stray - Wolfs Rain
Favourite Pokemon: Sammurott, Primarina, and Reshiram, but not in that order
Marvel is Best and you can’t tell me otherwise no matter what Krimson

Captain of the ewhores

Sometimes I change my profile picture, but my name will always have bunny in it.

My Ranks
THAB: Global Head Admin and Co-Owner
Brains Zombie Survival: Owner.
Administrator on Mafi:Social Hub.

[17:18] ❤Evan❤: I want your C O O C H I E

Evan: “Either we fuckin or I’m fuckin.”

Fuckin suckin on a horses dick fuckin sipping down a horses cock -Nox


Yeah I got the time - Luna

The tip of my dick is touching the moon rocks, I really want to fucking touch these lolis -Toomas™

I stole your heart, you stole my binds, it's a never ending game princess -Krimson

Me: "Prince in the streets and a king in the sheets."
Krimson: "Princess in the streets and my bitch in the sheets."

Krimson stole my profile and won't give it back.

My bf not yours
( =':') I’m lonely
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