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Ok your're salty because you think I'm hacking. Calm down, take a deep breath and just accept the fact that I'm way better then you. Anyways if you still think I'm hacking just report me and move on. Whatever kid. Oh I'm sorry did I fucking trigger you? Were you fucking triggered you little cry baby? Fuck off. Literally saying not a fucking word to you and you're gonna fucking mute me because you have a problem with me just fucking talking shit in all chat? Honestly go fuck yourself to the highest fucking caliber you fucking asshole. So sick of little fucking bitches like you who fucking have a fucking opinion like you're fucking sitting over there like, oh I'm some fucking problem to you because I'm not even fucking saying a fucking word to you. Fuck off. Call it what you fucking want asshole? Hormonal? Kid you're a fucking bullshitter. You're a fucking bullshitter. Go fuck yourself. You ain't fucking nothing. You ain't fucking anyone. You ain't got a fucking clue in your fucking head who I am or what I'm fucking about. That I'm fucking calling these fucking kids tryhards, has your fucking panties in a bunch for what?

Best way to talk to me is to add me on SnapChat. @AZombieChoper If ya wondering.
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no opponent Feb 16 @ 4:34pm 
rainbow is better
✪Vendetta Feb 15 @ 2:05pm 
Maybe. Idk why he just didnt Fix the Prone and jump spam to begin with. And the only reasson most people have many kills in their stats is Most players who play Unturned Fucking suck and Very little are actually good. lol
Taco Feb 15 @ 2:04pm 
thats why unturned 4 is gonna be better
✪Vendetta Feb 15 @ 1:58pm 
And besides CSGO takes more skill Rather than spamming the jump key and the Prone key.
✪Vendetta Feb 15 @ 1:58pm 
CS: GO is Pretty much better, It has a higher player base than Unturned dose and More people come back to CS because its a More Orignal thought and it doesn't really get old. I don't think you can say the same for Unturned...
Taco Feb 15 @ 1:56pm 
and i wouldnt say csgo is any better