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● I do not accept private profiles.
● I do not accept anyone below level 2.
● I do not accept any "negotiating accounts".
● Comment why you are adding me.

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My Twitch []
My Twitter havving issues
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► Specs

● Processor i5 6600
● RAM 16 gigs of ddr4
● Graphics Card Gtx 1050ti 4gb

► Favourite games

● Dead By Daylight
● Arma 3
● FiveM
● Dying Light


Q: Why were u Vac banned?
A: at the time I did not know that scripting was a bannable offense. I have learned my lesson now and for more things to be on my profile!

Q: Why do u keep changing your name back and fourth?
A: You see I play on this server on FiveM called San Adreas State RP and I am a fellow police officer.

Q: Why were you banned from Dead By Daylight
A: Because I apparently abused exploits. And for those who are reading this No, I was not banned for cheating in achievements those are legit believe or not but I was banned for exploits end of story. Me and there dev team had a talk and said they would not lift the ban but I was able to buy a new account without worry.

Q: How Old Are You?
A: I Love to tell people that I am 15 but on a real note I am 19 born March 21 2001, Welcome to the troll world enjoy!
Thanks for visiting my profile!
Started on 12/30/2019 TUNNEL ACCUSATION COUNTER -> 94
Started on 1/8/2020 CAMPER ACCUSATION COUNTER -> 86
Longest 4k - 3k streak -> 11 - Achieved by The HillBilly - Green Ranks
Second Longest 4k - 3k streak -> 5 - Achieved by The Doctor - Green Ranks

*If you be a piece of ♥♥♥♥ to me in dbd and I dc than you 100% deserve it. Make it fun for all*
*run iridescent Head Ill Dc cause its also apart of the unfun aspect so u yet again deserve it*
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last played on Sep 22
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Mayaya Jun 19 @ 7:02pm 
onlyfans an have you do maam
pug Jun 19 @ 7:01pm 
maam do you have an onlyfans
Kricket_OG May 14 @ 1:32pm 
yup entitled survivor you got that right chief.
Professional Futa May 11 @ 12:08pm 
+rep leaves comments on my profile cuz he is an entitled survivor
Finyush Jun 21, 2019 @ 2:29pm 
«(PRESTIGE)»Lambo! Jun 15, 2019 @ 12:23am 
+rep good billy