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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Nov 17 @ 8:00am

I Fixed Your Heart

Resuscitate a downed bandmate.
Unlocked Nov 17 @ 7:42am

I Got a Tattoo

Get your first tattoo! You look great.
Unlocked Nov 17 @ 7:46am

I Gave Them a Show

Defeat King Tepes.
Unlocked Nov 17 @ 7:25am

I Brought Down a Giant

Defeat the Boss Monster.

I Can Save the World

Get the good ending.

I Can Destroy The World

Get the bad ending.

I'm a Serious Musician

Get 100% on any music minigame part.

I'm a Knife-Wielding Lunatic

Sever some limbs while dual-wielding machetes.

I Made A Garden of Skulls

Make a cluster of 5 healing head totems.

I Demolished You With The 80's

Crush an enemy beneath an arcade machine.

I Steal Your Soul

Rob 7 enemies of their souls.

I'm All Inked Up

Get ALL tattoos. Now you're a mage.

I'm a Uniter

Host a team attack, join a team attack.

I Melt Your Face a Thousand Ways

Poison, burn, melt, shock, explode, and shatter your foes.

I Battled a Ghost

Defeat Lord Mortimer's phantom.

I'm a Brewmaster

Craft a beer.

I'm Thorough

Find all relics.

I'm All Sorts of Famous

Get the good ending (Total Anarchy playthrough)

I'm The King of Rock and Roll

Get the good ending (Chaos playthrough)

I Have An Army

Unlock an alternate band from the Sceniverse.

I'm Cemetery Go Go Go

Defeat Circe Bathory in St. Sanders Cemetery.

I Removed a Stain

Defeat the Lady in Tatters.

I Cut the Supply Chain

Defeat the Infested Roadie.

I'm an Exorcist

Defeat Beelzebaal.

I'm a Reverse Repairman

Defeat the Wretched Electronics.

I'm the Hunter

Defeat Vlad The Eternally Cold.

I Earned an Organ

Defeat the Gory Mound.

I Collected a Being

Accumulate Smockula's Body.

I Like it Better This Way

Dye some clothes. How does that look?

I'll Give Birth to a King

Eat a heart while in female form.