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NEKOPARA Fan and Collector - all games, OVAs, soundtracks, trading cards (foil and non-foil), badges (foil and non-foil), booster packs, still and animated backgrounds, emoticons, stickers, animated avatars and achievements






My recommendations:
- NEKOPARA Vol. 4 Trailer | NEKOWORKs + NEKOPARA Vol. 4 on Steam
- My NEKOPARA Steam Guide
- NCE: The NEKOPARA Community Steam Group
- EnV - Pneumatic Tokyo
- Nekoparaiten Trailer 2
- Hyperdimension Neptunia - Neptune Sagashite
- Russell Howard's Hour Theme Tune (Kasabian - III Ray [The King])
- K/DA Playlist | League of Legends

Recommended Anime
- High School DxD
- The Rising of the Shield Hero
- That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime
- Date A Live
- The Irregular at Magic High School
- Charlotte
- AzurLane: The Animation
- Anime AzurLane: Slow Ahead!
- The Quintessential Quintuplets
Here is my list of anime watched. I update it after every episode I watch.
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Information about me!
Welcome to my profile!
I am Krazyclass (real name - Luke). I am a British media student who loves NEKOPARA, TF2 and many other things. I am a NEKOPARA collector and a visual novel collector.

Name: Krazyclass (Luke - or you can just refer to me as Krazy)
Date of Birth: 28.05.2000
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single (and probably always will be - though I'm still looking too)
Lives in: North-West of England (Greater Manchester)

Social Links and Contact Info
Discord: Krazyclass#2203
YouTube: Krazyclass
Twitch: Krazyclass_ []
Twitter: Krazyclass @Krazyclass1

Things to look out for (to avoid impersonators - I currently don't have any but this is for the future):
- Been on Steam since June 2012
- Deputy Head Admin at (Harpoon Gaming)
- Co-Owner of Purgatorium
- Former founder of The Unqualified Gamers (T-U-G)
- Twitch/Discord Admin for SolarLight
- Admin++ for Ribbon Hunter/Assignment Server (Battlefield 4)
- Over 11,000 hours in Team Fortress 2
- Collected all Steam assets for NEKOPARA (including foils, non-foils, badges, backgrounds, stickers, emoticons, achievements, DLCs and games)
- Collector of Visual Novels (e.g. NEKOPARA, Neko-nin exHeart, How to Raise a Wolf Girl etc.)
- Also physical NEKOPARA item collector
- Over 3 years of staff and Sourcemod experience

List of Krazy people
- Thy God (Cheese Messiah, Banana God, fellow Mock the Week fan, 5+ year friendship, bdays 6 days apart)
- Clonepilotz (Lover of History, Friendly Canadian, 3+ year friendship, gave me lots of support)
- Meatballs (Long time TF2 friend 6+ years, Helpful, Trustworthy, Friendly)
- Curtis
- Dr. Halloween
- DoomDozen
- SolarLight
- frank_25687
This is just listing a few.

Thanks for reading this info box. Please make sure to COMMENT BEFORE ADDING ME unless I have given you permission in-game or somewhere else to add me. Of course, if you're a big NEKOPARA fan like myself just comment and it'll be difficult for me to say no. If you have any questions feel free to message me about them.
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NEKOPARA Vol. 4 Krazy Review!
Well here it is the game we've been waiting for since Vol. 3 released in 2017. And oh boy what a masterpiece of a game it is. Sayori, you are a legend. I'm so glad that you were willing to make Vol. 4 it blew any of my expectations out of the window and I absolutely loved it. As with my review of Vol. 1 I'm going to go into detail about this game so SPOILERS AHEAD for not only Vol. 4 but the other NEKOPARA volumes too.

18+ DLC
Where to start? I'd recommend you get the 18+ DLC from DLSite or Denpasoft for the Steam release as the game isn't the same without it. Example: the beginning of the game is different depending on whether you have the DLC or not. If you do have the DLC then some options will appear before the 18+ scenes those options are.
1. There are other people around you.
2. There is no one around you.
These options are actually questions to the player. If you have other people around you whilst you're playing and you don't want them to see NSFW content then click option 1. If you simply don't care or you're alone click option 2. However I do recommend that you go back later and make sure to click both as they both show different CGs and you'll love what happens either way.

With the 18+ DLC is these scenes:
Scene 1 - Chocola and Vanilla (w/ Kashou)
Scene 2 - Coconut and Azuki (w/ Kashou)
Scene 3 - Maple and Cinnamon (w/ Kashou)
Scene 4 - Chocola and Vanilla (NO Kashou)
Scene 5 - Harem (all catgirls):
Chocola, Coconut and Cinnamon
Azuki, Maple and Vanilla
then one each.

Anyway onto the story. Vol. 4 starts after the events of NEKOPARA Vol. 3 which means that all 6 catgirls are Kashou's catpanions. This story takes place about a month before Christmas (so November) and follows Kashou as he aims to impress his father who is disappointed in him. He goes to a hot spring with the catgirls to relax a bit and take time off his work. After returning from the hot springs, he decides to go to Paris (France) to meet his mentor and get more help. After returning from France, he enjoys Christmas at La Soleil where we see a brief appearance from Milk. He then has a Christmas party at home with the whole Minaduki family. At the end, Shigure moves into La Soleil with the rest of the catgirls and we prepare ourselves for Vol. 5.

My Thoughts
Well what can I say? I've been waiting for Vol. 4 for a long time and after being "somewhat satisfied" with the TV anime, I was looking forward to seeing a sequel to Vol. 3. In my opinion the story continues smoothly and the game in general is more about Kashou as the main character instead of the catgirls. His trip to France was really nice and getting to see Beignet and Fraise was awesome. I cannot wait to see them in Vol. 5. I was quite disappointed, personally, with the very small amount of time we saw Milk but I'm still glad she was included as adult Milk looks awesome. If I don't watch out then Milk might become my favourite neko (just kidding, ChocoVani forever!).

So is NEKOPARA Vol. 4 worth the money? Definitely! This game is much longer than any of the previous ones and even without the 18+ DLC the story made me cry a lot. Of course with the 18+ DLC OH MY I loved it. It was worth the extra money for it. I actually bought this game on Steam (18+ DLC on DLSite) but I also purchased a physical copy and the R-18 Artbook is superb and so I'm waiting for the digital release of the artbook if that happens.

As a NEKOPARA Collector I can safely say that Vol.4 is equivalent to Avengers End Game. In the sense of: End Game is a great film if you've seen the other Marvel films beforehand. Same with Vol. 4, it's a great game if you've played the other games beforehand. However, even as a standalone it's a good volume to purchase. I'm glad I added this game to my collection and I also purchased the Switch version too.

Well for now that's my review of Vol. 4. If I come up with anything to add to it then I'll edit this review accordingly.
Sorry for making this another long review but I felt like Vol. 4 deserved it. Thank you Sayori, NEKOWORKs and anyone else who worked on Vol. 4, you've made me so happy. HERE'S TO VOL. 5!

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