Over 25 years experience clicking mouse buttons

Quality vocals for your ears to enjoy
Thanks to all those who compliment

I'm starting to get too old for this, at age 39
I communicate in english using a properly set-up Blue Yeti mic
I try to play smart and as a team
I mute players who are rude, spam or don't speak english

CSGO is played on the Baited servers
The resolution used in most games is 2560x1280 (18:9 AR)
I mainly played Tribes: Ascend without Steam over the years
On rare occasions i stream my gameplay

Shooters are played using a very rare Inverted set of controls,
and have been for over 22 years
The core are as follows:

RMB = Forward
Spacebar = Backward
S = Strafe Left
D = Strafe Right
X = Secondary Fire / ADS (Toggle)
A = Jump
C = Crouch (Hold)
F = Use
Shift = Walk / Sprint (Hold)
Mouse Wheel Up = Primary Weapon
Mouse Wheel Down = Secondary Weapon
Mouse Thumb = Push To Talk

You can check my website for Hip-Hop beats if that's your thing,
or follow on the Livestream section to catch the one or two streams per year that i do

Thanks for stopping by o/
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