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Watch out for impersonators. This is my only account

Trade link here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=190518101&token=TdlEi2hO&for_item=440_2_7078797167
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Kostek 11 lipca o 3:07 
I'll pass thank you
leave me alone 11 lipca o 2:21 
I know your not planning on selling your bonzo OMA, but im willing to pay 140 pure for it
Wile 5 lipca o 15:53 
added to discuss tree
Kostek 2 lipca o 13:15 
I didn't trade with anyone. Bought it on the steam market a while ago.
wazzuper90 2 lipca o 13:08 
Was the person who gave it to you called Firepowered? If so I believe thats the person who scammed it out of me.
wazzuper90 2 lipca o 13:07 
I owned a Strange Unusual Fur-Lined Fighter but it got scammed, I believe that they traded it off to you.