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The thing I genuinely love about Aspyr Media is when they port a game they change NOTHING and so far that seems to be the case with Stubbs The Zombie. Everything you remember loving from this game is intact even to my surprise the licensed soundtrack.

If you never played it before the game is very unique & refreshing in this horrible modern era. There is crude humor, gore & absurdity around every corner. It is a blast to play a game as a zombie since every time you kill an NPC they come back to life & fight along side you...even if you managed to cut them in half while they were living. Additionally Stubbs The Zombie was famously made using the Halo engine & for us lifelong Halo players you will feel this right away, vehicles control like Ghosts & you will instinctually get back your driving skills you acquired from what is now 2 decades of Halo playing (Oh God I'm old). Your zombie friends will even get in vehicles just like Halo! Saddle up Marines! There are a few bugs Aspyr needs to iron out in this port, but I will take bugs over censorship any day..

In short they just don't make games like they use to & thank you Aspyr for being one of the only companies to preserve classics from the early 2000's. Unlike so many remakes/remasters/etc that are afraid of keeping their offensive content (cough cough Destroy All Humans), Stubbs was a blast in the past & one of the rare games allowed to be a glorious offensive gore filled f*ckfest blast now.
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