Why do i play so much TF2   Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
if your here to insult me get out.

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I dont care lmao
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BitSkins #0016 [555] 30 лип о 10:30 
Accept me to trade mate i give overpaying atm, And also accept me to show you my all items on tf2 because im willing to trade my items on tf2 like Unusual hats and Australium and also any kind of Stranges weapons, so accept me to talk about it okay? thanks
bup 14 лип о 9:24 
bro u triggered lol bro u cant even haha u got so mad bro you some kind of snowflake libtard whats wrong, gonna cry? gonna ♥♥♥♥ your pants? gonna go hide away in your safe-space you triggered fool? wow. pathetic. you get so triggered
Gross Gore 9 тра о 20:00 
Add me for a tournament i can invite you our team, TF2 tournament
aedd 9 кві о 20:04 
Killian 1 кві о 4:13 
i am toasted fish ecks deeee
i lost that account last year
Facts and Logic 16 бер о 10:18 
Commit your die.