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Memory's Dogma is a sci-fi mystery action adventure Visual Novel. It has very similar vibes to Steins;Gate, and uncanny similarities with Steins;Gate 0.

The Good

The game had a wicked soundtrack. The art style and character designs are awesome, and the voice acting was good too. The game also looks really polished, except for slightly weird log scrolling.


The Bad

The game is linear. It's a pity that the choices are kinda pointless - they either insta-kill you, or have absolutely zero effect on the story. I was kinda hoping for at least a bit more exposition after picking the wrong choice rather than an instant generic bad end.

Characters might have felt a bit two-dimensional, and we don't spend nearly enough time with quite a few of them, leading to fast-paced development, followed by tossing them out completely after they lose their relevance. But this seems like an episodic VN so we'll likely get to see more of the cast in the next instalment.


The game took me around 8 hours for me. It's short because it's episodic / part of a series. Fortunately, it has good closure and no cliffhanger.

The game really kept me on my toes! I was sad to find out that there wasn't already a sequel released. Really looking forward to it when it comes!!
Posted June 10, 2017. Last edited June 10, 2017.
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best game ever made
11/10 will click again will not stop clicking ever
Posted August 2, 2015.
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Review influenced by the fact that I did not have a controller at the time of playing and could only use keyboard instead.

- Combos don't work on keyboard
- Impossible boss fight

- Combos only shown at character select screen
- No back button...
- Cannot quit arcade mode without closing window
Posted June 22, 2015. Last edited June 15, 2017.
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Another bundle game for me! I jumped in without knowing what to expect. Even from the title screen I could tell I was going to love it for the music and art style... and turned out that was all it took for me to get into the game. (I'm basically playing just for the game art, music and genre. And I'm loving it.)

Just like other reviewers said though, the "Options" menu is incomplete for a PC game. In fact, to be honest, it feels like something that was ported from a PSP or GBA version sloppily. I myself had to spam all the keys on the keyboard before knowing that I press "." to jump, and "SPACE" to pause the game (lolwat).

Not that I care though. I get to save a princess from Bowser. Good enough for me. :D
Posted May 17, 2015. Last edited May 17, 2015.
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War-themed Hat Simulator

0/10 because I never managed to unbox an unusual :(
Posted April 11, 2015. Last edited June 10, 2017.
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ibb & obb is a co-op puzzle game that unfortunately requires two players for regular play. There is a local co-op mode where you technically can control both characters at the same time but unless you want to stress yourself out multi-tasking, this puzzle game should be played with two people.

The game shares quite some elements with Portal, with the similar portals and the momentum building, as well as the co-op aspect. If you enjoy co-op puzzles like in Portal 2, it's likely you'll enjoy ibb & obb as well.

You play as ibb & obb, traversing a land with two parallel dimensions, and solving puzzles with the help of one another and with some familiar portal physics. In this game, there are colored portals, and only either ibb & obb can go through them depending on the color. This means you two have to cooperate and synergise to get to places that are inaccessible alone.

The game has a minimalistic art style which looks really sleek and works really well. This is accompanied by an awesome soundtrack which further enhances the atmosphere of the ibb & obb world. ibb & obb are also really adorable with their wide-eyed walking blob forms.

The difficult scales really well as the game progresses, from simple and easy-to-understand puzzles, to insanely complex and challenging ones. There are a lot of timing and execution-centered puzzles as well, which might be bad thing depending on your preferences.

When I played with my friend, there were some minor bugs such as the camera following one character and completely ignoring the other character (only if you manage to glitch it out), but this only happened once or twice.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this game to those who enjoy 2D puzzle games in general. It's a seriously awesome co-op game to get together with a friend to play, but do be prepared for quite a bit of raging at the execution-based puzzles!
Posted April 6, 2015. Last edited June 10, 2017.
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