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About Me
I'm just your average TF2 player and trader, but at times I'll take a break from TF2 and play other games and if I'm not online, I'm probably chilling at home or playing on my 3DS or PS4

Among other things
1 -I trade Items I've posted on :vaultkey: Items I'm selling []
2 -leave a comment on my profile as to why you sent me a friend request
3 -I'm strictly an item trader, I have no interest in paypal money transfers payment for any items
4 -I won't have friends that have private profiles or are lvl 0 on their accounts

I also participate in TF2 Charity Events like Tip Of The Hats & others yearly, when I can

If my status shows

Online - means I'm online and can talk, play or trade

In Game - I'm playing online

Away - that just means I'm online but I'm not at my keyboard

Busy - just as it says, I'm busy so don't bother me

Offline - I don't want to be disturbed

Other means of playing with me

I also play on Playstation under the gamer-tag: Disgamer1

VSH/FF2/Deathrun group servers I play on

Official Panda Community, Hibiki's Hale Server, Transit Of Venus, Disc-FF, Friends of Wobre, JuegosPablo FF2 & Sauce FF2

Disc-FF Server IP's:
Freak Fortress #1 -
Freak Fortress #2 -
Freak Fortress #3 -
Saxton Hale -
DeathRun -

Hibiki's Server IP:

JuegosPablo Freak Server:

Friends of Wobre IP: Freak Fortress 2 -

Sauce FF2:

Official Panda Community VSH/FF2 IP's: #13 Freak Fortress 2 USA 24/7 Freak Fortress 2

Transit Of Venus FF2 IP:
Freak Fortress 2 -

I also on rare occasions play TF2 Slender gamemode, though the only maps I really like to play on are Arizona & Dustbowl

Friends on Steam

Jazzy: (Good Friend) :vaultkey: :crate:
JuegosPablo: (One of the first few people I met on Sauce & good admin) :diesoldier: :medicon:
M7: (Great guy & even better Demoman than I) :blanc:
Epicman: (Also one of the first few people I met on Sauce & good admin) :medicon:
(()_(Pencil)_)>: (Amazing & one of the first FF2 youtuber to be my friend) :spycon:

There are many others, but I'm lazy & it would take forever trying to put something beside their name

Other Freak Fortress Hobby

I like listening to music and I like looking to see what music can fit what Hale the most

My Playlist for Music

My Channel Playlists

Bosses I mostly use, by FF2 Group

Disk-FF- Fire Friendly
Pack 1
Easter Bunny

Pack 2
Duke Nukem
Bionic Commando
L4D Bill
Warhammer 40K Space Marine

Pack 3
Dark Link / Demo Link
Cuddly Heavy

Pack 4
Gentle Spy
Christian Brutal Sniper
Porky (Earthbound)

Pack 5
Hatty Hattington

Pack 6
Ash William

Other FF2 Groups Bosses

Wobre: Server #3;
Pack 1
Cave Johnson
Fujiwara No Mokou
Lewis The Ghost
Nightmare Sniper
Vert (Green Heart)
Mario & Luigi (Duo)

Pack 2
Cave Johnson
Rage Sniper
Serious Sam

Pack 3
Angry Video Game Nerd
Bowser Jr.
Cave Johnson
Chuck Greene

JuegosPablo FF2;

Pack 1
Christian Brutal Sniper
Fujiwara No Mokou

Pack 2
James Bond
Barney Calhoun

Pack 3
Stripper Soldier
Demoknight M7
Nightmare Sniper

Pack 4
Corrupted JuegosPablo
Scooty Booty Sauce

Pack 5
Lady Mundy
Blighted Voodoo

Pack 6
Edgelord Ultima
Mecha Ass Pancakes
Mecha Piss Cakehole
Mecha Soupcock Porkpie
Mecha Painis Cupcake

Pack 7
Karate Sniper
Tony Montana

Pack 8
Rage Sniper
Duck Nigga
Killing Mann

Pack 9
Captain Kinky
The Templar

Pack 10
Angry Video Game Nerd

Pack 11
Gangsta Spy

Pack 12
Chaoskrieg Varich
(Bosses I need to try)
The Unidentified Producer

Pack 13
Jotaro Kujo

Boss Ideas I might have more info for in the future, for a price
(Super Mario RPG: Quest for the Seven Stars)
Smithy [Final Boss]

(Resident Evil Series)
Nemesis - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Yang Xiao Long (Ruby's Older Sister)

(Uncharted Series)
Nathan Drake

(Plants vs Zombies)
Dr. Zomboss

(Fallout: New Vegas)
NCR Ranger Veteran

Coaldust (Robo version of myself)
Favorite Group
Welcome all you weirdos of the internet
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DrH0ot Jan 14 @ 6:34pm 
Do you want some free skins? Then watch this video and enjoy.
Zaailx Jan 12 @ 11:48am 
Hi, i have a deal about tf2, add me
Sasucar Vroomchiha Oct 17, 2018 @ 7:51pm 
Chompette Best Girl.
[SGS] StayPlay40K Oct 4, 2018 @ 4:48am 
I wanted to add you because I seen you in servers like sauce gaming, so I wanted to add you.
Scottish gaylord Sep 26, 2018 @ 11:32am 
Added to help you about one thing
Scooty Booty Sauce Aug 13, 2018 @ 5:35pm 
Owner of SGS, wanted to add you because your frequent on the server xd