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So It Begins

Escape the Cell
Unlocked Oct 16 @ 1:10pm

A Few Laughs

Unlock the Storage Room
Unlocked Oct 16 @ 1:58pm

Cartography Training

Open the Safe
Unlocked Oct 16 @ 1:37pm

Tricky Data

Unlock Harding's Locker
Unlocked Oct 16 @ 2:36pm

Poor Fire Safety

Unlock the Electric Gate Lock
Unlocked Oct 16 @ 2:42pm

Almost There

Open the Security Gate in the Reception Lobby
Unlocked Oct 16 @ 3:10pm

The Way Out

Unlock the Emergency Shelter Door
Unlocked Oct 16 @ 3:33pm

Breakout Amateur

Find 5 Collectibles in "Jail Breakout"

Breakout Specialist

Find 10 Collectibles in "Jail Breakout"

Breakout Master

Find 16 Collectibles in "Jail Breakout"