⌐Klöst¬ ¦Schwi.¦
Who?   Germany
Animu Sensei
"Suniaster...How many people have died for this moment? Schwi's comrades...life after life....how many...HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE I SENT TO THEIR DEATH!?"
"What have I done...I was nothing but fraud...a con artist, gambling with Schwi's spirit...no I can't take it...I can't do this...THIS CAN'T POSSIBLY BE A DRAW!!!"
Riku's body start to disappear
"SCHWI!!! I'm sorry...Schwi... Hey Schwi...if it can only be you and me...the two of us, together again...the next time for sure though, I know we're going to win...Schwi...I know exactly how we can win the next time around..."
"If the God were born from the mind....Oh God of the Game! My life is worth nothing now! But I'm offering it to you, and for the first time in my life, I pray to you! I'm begging you!"
"That even if a loser and a cheat...someone who would steal and fall into disgrace...That even if these hands are stained in blood...please...please say it all meant something, that we meant something! Anyone...please tell me you can put an end to this war! Please...take the Suniaster..."
And there's a boy, Tet, who came out from behind Riku and take the Suniaster
“So you were real after all... Hey...let's play again...this time I'll show you that we can win...Schwi and I......”

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