Klapp-PC 3 - Tradebot 1v1 dupes
Trading dupe cards 1v1 same set as ASF Bot (Donations, STM), trying to complete badges.
If online bot accepts automatically.

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Is this a bot?

But why is it not always online?
Because it has no dedicated Server.

So when does it accept offers?
When the bot is online, offers will automatically be accepted, otherwise as soon as the bot goes online again (usually at least once or twice a day).

What offers will be accepted?
All offers giving the bot at least as many cards FOR EACH game, as they take from it. AND the Bot has to have more copies of the cards you take before the trade as copies of the cards you give after the trade PER game, i.e. the bot tries to build sets.

Can I add you?
No, the bot autodeclines all invites. If you really want to add the bot, ask with a comment on my mains profile.

Who owns this bot?
I do. http://steamcommunity.com/id/KlappPc/

Can I use this bot for profits?
If you use public bots that are meant to help people for profits I might block you. Just try to keep your tradeoffers reasonable.
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MenelsBot May 2 @ 5:38am 
Yup. I made a mistake on the last build.
Will upgrade to the latest one with my modifications later today.

Also... if you guarantee me that the sets you are making are for yourself and not to supply a card set bot, I can unblacklist this bot.
Menels May 2 @ 4:41am 
Hey Klapp... ty to let me know.
I will check it... maybe i did some mistake on my last ASF build.
Will let you know about the neutral/good soon