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Posted: Feb 15 @ 10:48am
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Aquadine is a really lovely story that has the perfect pacing to keep you interested at all times and shows the emotional story of Ciel and his fellow classmates. The story itself is a bit short, but that was also a big reason why I liked it. It never felt like it was stretched to make it longer and everything that happened had a reason. It is quite rare to find a story that can keep your interest throughout.

I also really enjoyed the background music and the background art was also great, even if it could use a slightly higher resolution to look a bit more high quality overall. The sprites themselves are also decent, but the movement that they implemented for the sprites looks a bit unprofessional and could be improved. What I also normally dont like is when VNs have partial voice acting, were only some words are voiced which then just doesnt fit with the written text. It is much better for me if it either has full voice acting exactly like the text, or just doesnt have any at all and in that case focuses more on creating a good atmosphere with the music itself. However after playing throught it completely I have to say that in this specific case I actually didnt mind it any even liked it in the end.

Those two however are the only minor things that I could point out. The rest of this VN is truely quite a masterpiece. Yes this is a kinetic novel which means you cant make any choices, however if you want my opinion that makes the stories just all the better as you always get the best options you could get. The way they made that is that after the common route you can just pick one out of the four girls and after finsishing them all you even get the "real" ending. The game is also priced really fair as you will get around 10 hours of playtime and those hours will be really great. I havent had this much fun with a VN on steam in ages as I am a bit burned out by them normally, however I never felt like that with this one. The Dev truely created an amazing story that I would gladly recommend anyone buying.

Overall, I can only hope that some more people, yes maybe even you reading this, buy and support the dev, because the game really is amazing and small devs need every penny they can get to hopefully be able to release more great titles in the future. I really look forward to more and I also have to give a huge shoutout to the dev for always replying instantly to my messages and just being a great person overall.

I also like how the city this takes place in is heavily influenced by venice. :)

Easy 9.5/10

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