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Nella discussione #MadeWithFusion game Outbuddies released
19 ore fa
Nella discussione Max Number of Rooms?
When you say room I assume you mean Frame correct? Ok so regardless of global or in a object it is unlimited, but we can only "label" up to 260 the rest must be called by number.
6 ott, ore 12:17
Nella discussione Can I mix 2D and 3D with Firefly?
There are 2d objects available in the Firefly set but as the Firefly set renders it's own draw space you can't overlay actives on top of it (Currently). Note you can get access to Firefly dirt cheap as it is part of our Patreon service, The Reactor:
4 ott, ore 12:38
Nella discussione Firefly now part of "The Reactor"
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Nella discussione How do I make an object go toward it's set angle?
Also keep in mind you can set a 32 direction movement via a object angle by using the expression editor...

Set Direction: Angle( "Active" ) / 11.25
12 set, ore 15:12
Nella discussione Changing the frame of active object by name?
The object would need to exist in the frame before hand. You can't "pull" in a object from another frame if that object isn't in frame at start of frame. I know that's a mouthful, but I hoped I framed it well enough for you to frame a idea of how the whole framing process works.
12 set, ore 15:10
Nella discussione Where i can find new addon function?
Not quite sure I understand what you are after?
Noted, in the mean time have you thought about just using a String?
26 ago, ore 20:04
Nella discussione Minimize Application?
Awesome, Make something GREAT!
26 ago, ore 20:03
Nella discussione Alterable Value Name Change
I just checked and renaming works fine in the latest version. If I name a global value, string or flag it populates through out. As well on objects alterable values in frames. IF in fact you have the same object across multiple frames and it is different between frames. Then you may have missed the option in the properties to sync all those objects that are same name and same type.
26 ago, ore 20:01
Nella discussione CF 2.5 credits
If you are using Standard you are required to provide engine creditation. We have a few logos here:
22 ago, ore 15:40
Nella discussione Necromonads going offline for a while
22 ago, ore 15:38
Nella discussione Quadle is Retiring
Fusion is simply a programming language that is "higher order" that being it is closer to language you already. Think the jump from Punchcards to the first scripted language. same kinda of jump.
Frames in this case means frames you can have in a app, Think of it has individual sections of your game.
8 lug, ore 15:31
Nella discussione Angle of Counter
Counter objects are unable to have their angle adjusted. however you can set position.
26 giu, ore 17:09
Nella discussione Can I share Fusion2.5 with my brother?
On Steam you can only have one instance of a software item running at one time.
19 giu, ore 17:58
Nella discussione Negative scaling
You should share it on Clickstore.
19 giu, ore 14:01
Nella discussione Built-in mode 7?
Nothing built in yet.
5 giu, ore 11:22
Nella discussione Save information online
You will need to develop a server side database and use something like the GET object to communicate with it.
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