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The object would need to exist in the frame before hand. You can't "pull" in a object from another frame if that object isn't in frame at start of frame. I know that's a mouthful, but I hoped I framed it well enough for you to frame a idea of how the whole framing process works.
Sep 12 @ 3:10pm
In topic Where i can find new addon function?
Not quite sure I understand what you are after?
Noted, in the mean time have you thought about just using a String?
Aug 26 @ 8:04pm
In topic Minimize Application?
Awesome, Make something GREAT!
Aug 26 @ 8:03pm
In topic Alterable Value Name Change
I just checked and renaming works fine in the latest version. If I name a global value, string or flag it populates through out. As well on objects alterable values in frames. IF in fact you have the same object across multiple frames and it is different between frames. Then you may have missed the option in the properties to sync all those objects that are same name and same type.
Aug 26 @ 8:01pm
In topic CF 2.5 credits
If you are using Standard you are required to provide engine creditation. We have a few logos here:
Aug 22 @ 3:40pm
In topic Necromonads going offline for a while
Aug 22 @ 3:38pm
In topic Quadle is Retiring
Fusion is simply a programming language that is "higher order" that being it is closer to language you already. Think the jump from Punchcards to the first scripted language. same kinda of jump.
Frames in this case means frames you can have in a app, Think of it has individual sections of your game.
Jul 8 @ 3:31pm
In topic Angle of Counter
Counter objects are unable to have their angle adjusted. however you can set position.
Jun 26 @ 5:09pm
In topic Can I share Fusion2.5 with my brother?
On Steam you can only have one instance of a software item running at one time.
Jun 19 @ 5:58pm
In topic Negative scaling
You should share it on Clickstore.
Jun 19 @ 2:01pm
In topic Built-in mode 7?
Nothing built in yet.
Jun 5 @ 11:22am
In topic Save information online
You will need to develop a server side database and use something like the GET object to communicate with it.
Jun 5 @ 11:21am
In topic Negative scaling
No, we probably won't have negative scaling till 3, this is a legacy issue with the original code base.
May 14 @ 2:54pm
In topic NALW FAQ
Andrew is, but I am not.
Apr 25 @ 5:36pm
In topic multiple account usage
Steam limits this function not Clickteam.
Apr 25 @ 5:35pm
In topic 360 Player Flight movement?
You should probably either experiment with the Vector Movement or Physics movement options, either way you will have to write extensive eventing to pull it off. WHICH YOU CAN DO. Personally i would brush up on my math and write my own movement in the event editor for this.
Apr 25 @ 5:33pm
In topic ini X and Y coordinate
Look in the example folder in your install of Fusion for a INI example that will show you how to read and write data to the INI.
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