I live in mario_kart_2_v30.bsp \ Critzy0 / Kirliazkrieg
Comment before adding me please! :) I have a lot of scammers trying to add me.
Other artists are free to add me :crate:
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Current TF2 Mains:
Demoman, Medic, Engineer, Heavy and Fatscout (for the memes)
TF2 Classes I want to practice: Sniper, Spy, Pyro:lunar2020ratinablanket:
I also love to gift bomb casual servers!

Unusuals Unboxed: 3

I like to do Source Filmmaker pictures :) I do not take request because I am am still practicing and really want to animate :spycon: I also learn how to model recently! :mafia:
You can reach me via links below
Deviantart []
Impersonator Warning
If somebody claiming to be me does not have a Genuine Boiling Point and untradeable proof of purchase then it is not me. :lunar2020ratinablanket:
I will never have a private Inventory :spycon:
My Steam join date is April 15, 2009. You can confirm this by looking through my badges on right.
Artwork Showcase
TFC Spy VS TF2 Spy
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Workshop Showcase
My first model made in Blender and Photoshop! Big thanks to Drew, FiveEyes and others from the community to give feedback to the model! :) thank you KaydemonLP for helping me how to make clickable image and Rexy for giving me photoshop file for button!
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Chinese Tism Virus Aug 26 @ 10:35am 
Critzy0 Jul 17 @ 11:55am 
Thank you :) :gordon:
TidyThePYROBAT Jul 8 @ 6:54am 
One of the coolest people I’ve met online, tbh. :smileymud:
☆Rig Suyu☆ [SFM] Jun 27 @ 4:20am 
You have workshop models, so i added you :D
Binnu May 18 @ 11:58pm 
pls port The Sick Crew to gmod pls
polarbearo May 8 @ 4:04pm 
hey i love your art and wanted to know if you wanted to collab on something for the workshop!