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Posted: Jul 2, 2016 @ 3:08pm
Updated: Jun 25 @ 8:32am

First time i played this game I thought i would love it i mean its an Elder Scrolls game and i loved all those i played but after a couple of hours in the game it just started feeling repetitive and just overall boring so i quit.
Recently with all the hype about the DB coming out i decided i'd give it a second chance so i booted it up,deleted my old character and made a new one for a fresh start.
I have so say i'm seriously enjoying this game so much it's all that i play anymore,the storyline is fantastic i never paid much attention to it cuz it annoyed me getting one quest after 5 levels . The dark brotherhood storyline is super good i like it way better than skyrim's ,dare i say actually oblivion.It's not just kill this and kill that you actually feel like what you do actually matters they immerse you in this assassin role so much you just can't let go of it.
The optimization in this game is really good too,i mean there are some areas where my fps drop ,when there are a lot of particles ,other than that game runs fine.
Didn't like the game b4,gave it a 2nd chance and loving it.
Totally recommend.
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