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PROS: This 4 vs 1 game nails the idea in possibly the best way one could hope. The survivors have a 3rd person view, while the killers have a 1st person, giving each a different playstyle. Each of the killers has a unique power to give them a chance, allowing a range from traps, to map coverage, to borderline invisibility. Perks are unlocked over time to give further distinction to each player's playstyle. Both survivors & killers also have one time use add-ons & offerings that can give their side an advantage in the next challenge. One gains these through a currency in game that can only be obtained from playing, whether that be winning or losing. The mission is always the same for each side, allowing some familiarity to slip in, rather than swapping game types depending on the map. The atmosphere in this game is stunning as well. Each realm has it's own obstacles, & though many are shaped similarly, they receive their own feel. From originals to established, the killers have unique designs & though costumes are available, each maintain their own silhouette that allows a distinction. Killers also may have their own unique chase music, adding some extra flair. The game is still receiving patches & new content, providing more reason for old players to come back, & new to hop in.

CONS: All of the survivors are essentially off of the same template, leading the only difference being their perk layout. Although killers each have a unique skill, some are clearly better than others, & although a skilled player can make use of it, some are fundamentally better than others. With no voice chat, it also is designed to be played silently, which can make the game difficult if one isn't in a different chat with friends. The game also has a few new bugs that drop with each update, though the devs try their best to keep that under control.

ACHIEVEMENTS: This is one hell of a list, as new achievements added with each update. There's a usual pick & mix, with those that will be gotten through natural gameplay & those that need to be ground out. Those that are very situational may require going in with a game plan & having the luck for survivors to act in a specific manner. Each Adept requires only that character's unique perks, alongside achievements that are ground out using the killer's power. This means one will need the character DLC to complete the list.

FINAL: This game is probably the best of the 4 vs 1 nails it's ideas & gameplay down in the way it wants to. The experiences are different for each side, & game holds up well (for the most part). New content is still being added at this point to continue improving & fixing the gameplay issues some people have with the title. If someone is a fan of any of the horror mythos in this title, or wants to have a multiplayer experience that can still last despite a long time having played, then Dead by Daylight is worth a look. So yes, one could say those playing the game have gotten 'hooked' on the experience (That was terrible, I'll see myself out).
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