Running with Scissors
?   Germany
tomorrow never comes
it always runs away
and every time I catch it
it says it's called today

I have participated in:
etf2l fresh meat challenge
etf2l prolands cup (open)
etf2l 6v6 season 28 (open)
Ready steady pan season 3 (EU)
Christmas ultiduo cup (4th)
etf2l 6v6 season 29 (open)(9th)
UGC 4v4 season 13 (EU steel)
RGL prolander cup eu (div 6)(3rd)
Meat your map cup (fresh)
Ready Steady Pan Season 4 (EU)
UGC 6v6 season 27 (EU)(9th)
etf2l 6v6 season 31 (open)(9th)
HLmixes cup 1
UGC 4v4 season 15 (EU steel)(playoffs)
TFnew cup 3
etf2l HL season 17 (open)(playoffs)
etf2l christmas newbie cup (krampus)
etf2l 6v6 season 32 (low)
etf2l Hl season 18 (open)
etf2l 6v6 season 34 (low)
asiafortess cup 16 (div3)
tf2 lockdown showdown (open)
etf2l 6v6 season 36 preseason map cup (low)(3rd/4th)
etf2l 6v6 season 36 (low)
etf2l HL season 22 (open)(8th)
tf2 lockdown showdown 2 (open)
etf2l 6v6 season 37 (open)(playoffs)
UGC HL season 32 (eu steel)(4th)
Passtime federation cup 2 (eu)
Fruit Mixes Highlander season 3(open)(4th)
etf2l HL season 23 preseason cup (low)
GGtoor Locked(down) & Loaded (open group)
etf2l highlander season 23 (div 4)
RGL Highlander season 8 (Amateur)
RGL Traditional 6s season 5 (Intermediate)
UGC 4v4 season 22 (eu silver)
ETF2L 6s season 38 preseason cup (Low)
UGC Highlander season 33 (eu steel)(1st)
ETF2L 6s season 38 (low)
ETF2L Highlander season 24 preseason cup (Low)(2nd)
ETF2L Highlander season 24 (low)(playoffs)
Bundescup 2 (top 8)
UGC HL Season 34 (eu Silver)
UGC 6s Season 36 (eu)(4th)
ETF2L 6s season 39 (low)
Eurolander Weekend Cup 1 (3rd)
etf2l Highlander season 25 (open)(playoffs 3/4)
ugc Highlander season season 35 (silver)
etf2l 6s season 40 preseason cup (div 3)
ugc 6v6 season 37 (eu)
etf2l 6s season 40 (mid)
TF2Arena Cup #2 (eu)(2nd)
etf2l 6s preseason cup 41 (low)
etf2l 6s season 41 (low)
Customlander season 3 (open-low)(2nd)
etf2l highlander experimental cup #9 (low)
etf2l highlander season 26 preseason cup (low)(2nd)
etf2l highlander season 26 (div 4)
bowman brawl (eu)
etf2l 6s preason cup 42 (open)(3/4)

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