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This is my only account. Verify below to see if it's me before adding.
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:metroscared:WARNING:metroscared:: Verify you are actually trading with me, I had and will continue to be impersonated by scammers :BITRAY_Angry:
Known impersonators: #1 [backpack.tf] #2 [backpack.tf] #3 [backpack.tf] #4 #5 #6 #7 #8
:rbchicken: It's my ONLY account, Steam Lvl 150+
:rbchicken: Used to be the only one with an Unusual Wing Mann Collection
:rbchicken: 7 years of service since Oct. 29, 2012
:rbchicken: 5k+ Hours on TF2
:rbchicken: 1,000+ games in my library
:rbchicken: 18k+ Trades made, 20k+ Market Transactions
:rbchicken: My SteamRep [steamrep.com] has always been clean unlike those impersonators.
:rbchicken: I don't have any "discussions" or "vault" accounts.
:rbchicken: I don't offer on items or sell items for Paypal/Cash.
:rbchicken: I don't send you phishing links or ask for any verification on items.
:rbchicken: I will never come to you to broker your items/unusuals.
:rbchicken: My inventory/profile is never private.
:rbchicken: If you think you encountered or got scammed by someone impersonating me, please add me so I can help you make a report or make a report through Backpack Issue Tracker [backpack.tf] or SteamRep [forums.steamrep.com]. Be safe out there.

steamname: King of KFC Jamal
steam3ID: [U:1:114360234]
steamID32: STEAM_0:0:57180117
steamID64: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074625962
customURL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/KingofKFC
steamrep: https://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198074625962

As a friend of mines, please....
:rbchicken::sstpistol: Don't beg for items, gifts, or games from me.
:rbchicken::sstpistol: Don't invite me to groups or games without contacting me first.
:rbchicken::sstpistol: Don't send me phishing, sketchy, or referral links.
:rbchicken::sstpistol: Don't be a ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ or toxic little ♥♥♥♥.
:rbchicken::sstpistol: If you committed any of the stuff above, you will most likely be removed and/or blocked immediately. :csgo_headshot:

Backpack.tf Profile [backpack.tf]
SteamRep [steamrep.com]
My Trade Url
If you are banned or marked on Backpack.tf or Steamrep for scamming, I will not trade you, no matter how sweet the deal is.
All private profiles, scammers, or marked people will be ignored and blocked.
Anyone who I suspected to be an alt of a scammer or a marked person will be blocked and reported.

Information about me:
:eli: Name: Jamal
:eli: Race: African American
:eli: Age: 22
:eli: Birthday 11/08
:eli: Country: US
:eli: Avatar made by Rezuaq
:eli: Former Co-Owner of Chaos Crew (2012-2014)
:eli: Former Co-Owner/Head Admin/Map Developer/Coder for Moonshade Gaming (2015-2017)
:eli: Former TF2R Raffler, giving away hundreds of items on the site (2013-2018)

PC Specs:
:savedisk: OS: Windows 10 Pro
:savedisk: Motherboard: Z170-HD3P
:savedisk: GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB
:savedisk: CPU: i7-6700K OCed @ 4.4 GHz
:savedisk: RAM: RIPJAWs 16GB DDR4-2133MHz
:savedisk: PSU: EVGA 500W 80+ Bronze
:savedisk: Storage: 2x WD Blue 1TB HDDs
:savedisk: Case: NZXT S340
:savedisk: CPU Cooler: CM Hyper 212 EVO
:savedisk: Monitor: ASUS VG248QE 144Hz
:savedisk: Headset: HyperX Cloud 2
:savedisk: Keyboard: Corsair K70 LUX RGB
:savedisk: Mouse: Steelseries Rival 600
:savedisk: List: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/KingofKFCJamal/saved/8hGGXL

:GreatTreasureChest: CSGO CaseClicker [kingofkfcjamal.github.io]
:repairhere: Porting/Making maps for Source Engine
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I don't watch anime, but don't you ♥♥♥♥-talk my lord and waifu, Colonel Sanders.


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I made it untradeable
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why is your wing mann untradable?
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