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Hi, names King Arthur! Thought i would re-write my about me summary or whatever to try to have you guys get to know me a little more.

First of all, I am a Garry's Mod and Minecraft player (GMod and Minecraft are my 2 favorite games) I have a interest in Expression 2 code and making cool things using Wiremod! Most of my e2's i worked on are private, but some are also on the workshop! So you can go check them out.

I am a North America player (Meaning i mostly play on North America servers). Like Atomic Networks and BattleBox for example. Whenever i feel like playing with 100-200 ping for fun then ill hop on Austrailia/Europe/South America Servers. Otherwise i like to stay on 30-70 ping.

Now on to the Minecraft stuff, The 1 thing that really interests me in Minecraft is Minecraft PvP. I like to challenge myself to get some good combos on other people i dont know (and friends). I dont really have any other Minecraft interests as of now

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First written, 12/21/2022
Updated: 7/7/2023

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