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I'm KingIsaacLinksr, reviewer with a sense of justice.

I talk about game mechanics, PC relevant settings, business models personal thoughts and more in very great detail.

General Reminder: I will NOT accept blind Steam friend invites from lvl 0 or private accounts. Follow me on Social Media/My Blog if you are either and get to know me.

I focus on Indie titles with a few AAA games. I look at business practices, DRM, PC settings and more. Once I've got a good feeling for the game and/or completed it, I'll give a very in-depth and lengthy review on it. Said reviews are usually months or years after release. I don't go for day one or week one reviews. Instead, I prefer to take my time and enjoy both the game and the process of creating the review. I think that makes my reviews stronger in the long run. Plus, the day/week one review market is extremely over-saturated. I write for those of us who aren't day one purchasers. If any of this interests you, consider following me as I explore this interactive medium.

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Ok, I wasn't sure about this game but now I am. The level of detail is freaking amazing. The station actually rotates.
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Is there really anything to say about this game that hasn't already been said? Probably not. Dark Souls (1) is the game that started an entire genre of RPG and combat mechanics. It gets a lot of praise for that and it's entirely deserved. It's a flawed masterpiece of a game. So much of this game combines into one experience that is constantly compelling. The open and connected world, the hints of Metroidvania level design, the tactical combat, the death mechanics, atmosphere and so on. There are tons of secrets to be found and yes, they'll require several playthroughs to find them all. There are many different ways to play and the game doesn't mind you changing half way through the game too much.

While the Dark Souls series sells itself as a game where you die and die again and lethal difficulty, it's more fair to say that this game is hard but fair. The game doesn't just screw you over without allowing you to learn and improve the entire time. And if you find the challenge to be too much, there are plenty of in-game ways to make things easier from summoning specters/friends to items that make combat easier. And they are all perfectly valid ways to play.

Things to keep in mind. Dark Souls 1 is the roughest entry in terms of the PC port. An Xbox or Steam controller is absolutely required to have an enjoyable experience. Trying to play this on a mouse + keyboard is going to be a miserable experience. It also runs at a locked 30FPS that can be unlocked to 60FPS but it's not without physics problems. There are entire levels that are performance problem hells which isn't fantastic. I feel that mods are required for the optimum experience for DS1. There are plenty of mods that correct a lot of the consolitis issues that ported over but they can't fix everything. This game was unfortunately rushed out to gauge interest in the series on PC and was only given minimal fixes afterwards.

So, I recommend finding and installing the mods and then enjoying. It's one hell of a memorable RPG. The world, characters and story all leave a mark on those that play. It's one of my more favored RPGs of all time. So good luck. Oh and don't forget to praise the sun.
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Another year has passed my friend! Happy to see you in great health! Keep up your great reviews :)
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I'm probably going to try to do a review for every one of my games as well.
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You have a massive amount of reviews, sir.
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