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➤⠀C S : G O
If you came here because of CS:GO.
Just know i'm better than you and if i play like trash...
I'm having a bad day.

Don't worry, EX Roblox Phantom Forces Pro Player.
I Don't Condone Cheating.

Love photography more than i love my Asian Chicks.
Want to see my Photography ask me my IG in the Dm's.
Just playing casually, cuz fuel prices to high to drive around.

CPU: Core i7-4790k 4.6ghz Overclocked
RAM: 32gb 2600mhz DDR3
GPU: RTX 2080cccc

https://kit.co/KingAmnesia <- For My Whole Setup

Fav Artist [open.spotify.com]
Next Big LXMB Artist [open.spotify.com]
Bandana Squad [open.spotify.com]
Noisy Area [open.spotify.com]

2nd Steam: Howard The Alien
Uplay ID: KingAmnesia.CDG
Battle Net ID: KingAmnesia
Favorite Game
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30 kills gang GAOATED

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+rep Insane Skills