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Personal Achievements

Welcome Youtuber

Thank you for playing Youtubers Life!

First step to fame

You've uploaded your first video

Bye Bye Mom

You've moved to the students flat

An awesome apartment

You've moved to the double room loft

I'm living in the penthouse

You've moved to the luxury apartment

What a mansion!

You've moved to the mansion

The last boundary

You've moved to the space mansion

Subscribers growth

Reach 15,000,000 subscribers

Sparks fly

Your computer is broken


You've got an A in your test


You've got an F in your test

Pay your debts

You haven't paid this month's bill

Love is in the air

You've got a boyfriend or a girlfriend

Too many haters around

You've got your first hater

Too expensive

Fire a collaborator

Hand in hand

You've recorded a co-op video with a friend


You've been clubbing

Cinema tonite?

You've gone to the cinema with somebody

Crash course

You've passed your first course

Everybody's watching me

Reach 100,000,000 views

Best gamer ever

You've finished Youtubers Life being a Gamer

I'm attending Game World

You've attended the Game World fair

This fair is cool

You've attended the Kanto VG Show fair

The best fair worldwide

You've attended the VG fair

My first smartphone

Buy a new telephone

This computer rocks

Buy the best widgets for your computer

Trick or Tuber!

Get the special Hallowen costume and pumpkin while the event lasts... and remember to eat as much candy as you can!

There ain't no better musician

You've completed Youtubers Life as a Musician

The Lord of Instruments

Reach maximum level with every instrument

Your first gig

You played your first show

Galactic show

You succeeded at the space show

Best Chef ever

You completed Youtubers Life as a Chef

Master Gastronomer

You mastered all the Gastronomies

Kitchen stress!

You participated in your first culinary challenge

New Mister Chef

You won the Mister Chef competition

The three wise Youtubers

Get the special Holiday costume and presents while the event lasts. Happy Holidays!

Card collector

Get all the situation cards

Clothes collector

Buy all the available clothes

Furniture collector

Buy all the furniture

Instrument collector

Buy all the instruments in the Music Channel

Utensil collector

Buy all the utensils in the Cooking Channel

Creative workshop

You bought a workshop

Shining in Fashion Imperio

You succeeded at the most important Fashion Show

Combine with style

You created your first fashion set

Best fashion designer

You've completed Youtubers life as Fashion Designer

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