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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Oct 26 @ 11:36am

To Arms, To Arms!

Create your first unit.
Unlocked Oct 26 @ 11:36am

Mustering the Troops

Own three units.
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:33pm

Full House

Unlock 10 units on the Unit Tree.
Unlocked Oct 27 @ 5:53pm

Career Commander

Own ten units.
Unlocked Oct 26 @ 12:37pm


Reach Level 20.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 6:15am


Reach Level 40.
Unlocked Nov 1 @ 5:58pm


Reach Level 60.
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 5:29pm

A Praiseworthy Caparison

Equip some horse barding.
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:03pm

First Blood

Kill a Hero.
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:03pm


Kill 10 Heroes.
Unlocked Oct 30 @ 10:24am


Kill 100 Heroes.
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 12:54pm


Kill 200 Heroes.
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:03pm

Mow Down Twenty

Kill 20 enemy troops.
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:25pm

Company of Death

Kill 200 enemy troops.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 12:19pm

Army of The Dead

Kill 2,000 enemy troops.
Unlocked Oct 29 @ 5:56pm


Kill 3,500 enemy troops.
Unlocked Nov 4 @ 5:27pm


Kill 8,000 enemy troops.
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:33pm

Peasant's Revolt

Unlock all the peasant units.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 4:45am

Equestrian Trinity

Collect three warhorses in your stable.
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:25pm

Five Score Heroes

Earn the badge "A Deadly Century".
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:03pm

Thunderous Sunderer

Earn the badge "Shatter the Ranks".
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:03pm

Three-Slash Knockout

Earn the badge "Hat-Trick".
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:03pm

Four Chops and It's Done

Get a badge "Quad Kill".
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:03pm

Take No Prisoners

Earn the badge "No Quarter".
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:03pm

Drop Dead

Earn the badge "Drop Dead".
Unlocked Oct 27 @ 5:53pm

Thank You for Your Service

Disband any unit.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 5:58pm

In with the New

Switch your default warhorse.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 5:22am


Craft a piece of Rare equipment.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 6:21am


Craft a piece of Epic equipment.
Unlocked Nov 12 @ 9:23am

Master Craftsman

Craft a piece of Legendary equipment.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 5:22am

Tool of Victory

Craft a weapon for the first time.
Unlocked Oct 26 @ 4:54pm

Little Heap of Badges

Earn the badge "Noble Cause" three times.
Unlocked Nov 11 @ 8:39am

Engine of the Team

Earn the badge "Make It Happen" three times.
Unlocked Nov 2 @ 5:02am

Accumulating Accolades

Earn the badge "Overthrown" three times.
Unlocked Oct 26 @ 4:54pm


Earn the badge "No Quarter" five times.
Unlocked Oct 26 @ 4:54pm

General Without Peer

Earn the badge "God of War" four times.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 5:54am

Feller of Foes

Earn the badge "A Deadly Century" ten times.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 12:19pm

Battlefield Reaper

Earn the badge "Grand Bloodbath" five times.
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 6:12pm

And Paeans Rang Out

Earn the badge "The Phlegethon Flows" three times.

Valen Vanquished

Defeat Valen and his troops.

The Grim Reaper

Kill 500 Heroes.

Swords to Ploughshares

Disband ten units.


Craft a piece of Uncommon equipment.

Being Productive

Craft 100 pieces of Uncommon equipment.

Swift Wind

Destroy every target on The Strawman's Challenge in between 20 and 25 seconds.

You Were Many, But We Still Won

Earn the badge "Echoes of Achelous" three times.

Bones of Fallen Warriors

Earn the badge "Cut a Swath" 30 times.

Able Apprentice

Craft 100 pieces of Rare equipment.