Alex Kendrick
アクア 桜内梨子
µ's 西木野真姫

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                                                      「  蝶になってみませんか

                                                                     「 Stuff 」

                                                                      The Past.

「 Favorite Song 」

- Strange Talk - Sexual Lifestyle
- Strange Talk - Climbing Walls
- Shinichi Osawa - Ami Nu Ku Tuu (The One Ver.)
- Snow Patrol - Daybreak
- Mutemath - Picture
- Bag Raiders - Heartbeat Away
- Disfunktion - Broken Heart
- Smallpools - No Story Time
- FELT - Beautiful Trick
- FELT - Ray of Light
- Foals - This Orient
- harren - Another Winter []
- Klaxons - As Above So Below (JUSTICE remix)
- Brasstrack - Say u will
- Proppelers - Landslide []
- Foals - Providence
- The Graduate - Don't Die Digging
- 坂本 真綾 - おかえりなさい(Tomatomerde Remix)

「 Links 」
:shorthairshiki: []
:beansprouts: Discord : Bro_ken#5150

Last Man Standing and Infected Sewers
Favorite Group
Jittery Jumpers Society Community Establishment. -jjsce (-jj for short)
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Volante Jun 23 @ 8:05pm 
Nice pfp~
fro Jun 14 @ 11:07pm 
HeliX is a furry dot
>w< Jun 11 @ 11:39pm 
+rep! Have a nice day :b3d_love:
Meowsanity Jun 9 @ 11:37pm 
I would never suggest removing a little girl's clothes and licking her tiny body all over, nibbling her neck and kissing her adorable little nipples. Only a heartless monster would think about her cute girlish mouth and tongue wrapped around a thick ♥♥♥♥ slick with her saliva, pumping in and out of her mouth until it erupts, the cuum more than her little throat can swallow. The idea of thick viscous simen overflowing, dribbling down her chin over her flat chest, her tiny hands scooping it all up and watching her suck it off her fingertips is just horrible.
Meowsanity Jun 9 @ 11:37pm 
thinking of spreading her smooth slender thighs, ♥♥♥♥ poised at the entrance to her pure, tight, virginal psussy, and thrusting in deep as a whimper escapes her lips which are slippery with cuum, while her small body shudders from having her cherry taken in one quick stroke. I am disgusted at how you'd get even more excited as you lean over her, listening to her quickening breath, her girlish moans and gasps while you hasten your strokes, her sweet pants warm and moist on your face and her flat chest, shiny with a sheen of fresh sweat, rising and falling rapidly to meet yours.