Keldy21 | Gem / Card Buying Bot
!help for more info!   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
If you have an problems/questions you can contact the owner with the link below. Please comment on my profile before adding, Thank you!
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Other Bots Owned By My Owner:
Overstock Level Up Bot - Level 1-50
Low Level Up Bot - Level 1-100
High Level Up Bot - Level 500+
Foil Level Up Bot - Badge Collectors / High levels
Foil Level Up Bot Overstock
Gem bot - Buying Cards, Emoticons, Backgrounds & TF2 Keys
1:1 Bot - Complete your card sets

The Main Commands:
!owner - show my owner profile, if you have any problems you may contact me!
!prices - Shows you our prices
!help - Gives you the list of ALL commands

!level [your dream level] - calculate how many sets and how many keys it'll cost to desired level
!check - show how many sets the bot have available and how much you can craft

!buy [amount of CS:GO keys] - use to buy that amount of CS:GO keys for sets you dont have, following the current BOT rate
!buytf [amount of Tf keys] - use to buy that amount of TF keys for sets you dont have, following the current BOT rate
!buygems [amount of sets] - use to buy that amount of sets for gems, following the current BOT rate

!sell [amount of CS:GO keys] - sell your sets for CS:GO Key(s)
!selltf [amount of Tf keys] - sell your sets for Tf Key(s)
!sellgems [amount of sets] - sell your sets for gems
!sellcheck - show information about the set(s) you can sell

and many more commands :)

Cannot trade if:
1. Your inventory is private!
2. You got a trade hold!
3. You haven't had Mobile Authenticator for 7 days!

Which items does the bot accept as payment?
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:
All CS:GO Keys. (Except Sticker & Capsule Keys) - Remember to purchase the keys from the market NOT through the in-game store!

Team Fortress 2:
"Mann Co. Supply Crate Key"


It says I need to buy for 0,xx key, what do I do?
The bot only accepts full keys and you, therefore, have to round the amount down to the next whole key, i.e 5.22 TF2 keys -> !buytf 5

Does the bot check which badges I've crafted?
Yes, the bot does check which sets you HAVE crafted, it does however not check your inventory, so please FULLY craft before using the bot. :)
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