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"tää maailma tarvii tommoisia supporteja enemmän" @Mikkosusi #KF2 (29.4.2015)

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I play as Medic or Demo in 4vs4. In highlander i have played Heavy, Medic and Engineer.

Animes what i have watched so far:

Attack on Titan
Bleach (62 episodes)
Dragonball Z
(Tengen Toppa) Gurren Lagann
HOTD / High school of the dead
Hyperdimension Neptunia Animation
Kill la kill
Naruto / Naruto shippuuden (focused on manga)
One Piece (some episodes)
One Punch Man
Panty & Stocking with Gartebelt
Soul eater
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:summersun: Hi everyone! :summersun:

I am Spatio. Most of people might recognize me as Finnish YouTuber who makes mostly TF2 videos. I have played competive matches in Highlander and 4vs4 and I don't have specific main class because I am flexible player.

I make also SFM posters, mostly Neptunia and TF2 themed. I am working on with Hat Fortress 2 -project and Duodimension (Fictional, fanmade Neptunia dimension) story. Maybe I am just amateur poster maker but I do posters with the passion.

:Light: No trading, please.:Light: I have already every stuff what I really need. If I need something (mostly new strange weapon in TF2), I would get that very soon. And usually I don't have useless items. Otherwise I sold them already in Steam Market.

I am very sceptic to add people who I don't know. They have to reach my requirements for my steam friend what are:
- Steam level 10 (it is absolute minimum, some cases it has to be even 20)
- Common steam groups
- Name what doesn't include number combinations, something about skin gamble, skin/item trading or steam group/website ads.
- I don't add people who are focus only for trading.
- She/he hasn't used achievements unlocker (for example Steam Achievement Manager).

But if you want take easier step to meet me, you can join to GBDClub steam group or my discord server(s):
- GBDClub, :sentry: YouTube community:
- Awakened World, :PurpleHeartRebirth3: SFM community: (Limited charges!)
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This is the skybox that I used for my map. The guy makes some really good textures, I love them. About HDR: literally no idea.
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